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Found growing on almost every continent, orchids come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and shades. Known for their graceful stems and curved petals, the orchid has a unique and instantly recognizable silhouette that can give any room an air of serenity - there is a reason they are so often seen displayed in spas. At French Florist we are a family-owned, independent business, hoping that our standards will convince you to make us your florist for life. Order beautiful orchids from French Florist by 2pm for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles.

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Frequently asked questions

How Often Do You Need to Water Orchids?

Watering too often is the most common trap to fall into when keeping orchids. If the roots are oversaturated they can easily rot, killing the entire plant. When watering orchids you will want to thoroughly moisten (not flood) the planting substrate, and allow it to become almost entirely dry before watering again. This can be as infrequently as once a week, depending on the humidity of your home.

As an orchid is much more capable of enduring underwatering than overwatering, it is best to test the dampness of your soil with a wooden stick, or even your finger, before deciding whether or not it is time to give it a drink. Water that is room temperature or warmer is ideal, as water that is too cold can shock the roots.

How Long Do Orchids Live?

The majority of orchid plants are sold when they are already mature and blooming - most will be a few years old when purchased. However, when cared for correctly, orchids can easily live as houseplants for 10-15 years, if not more. There are lots of things you can do to optimize this lifespan.

Place them near an east-facing window out of direct sunlight, and avoid rooms where the air is too dry - you can mist your orchid (steering clear of the flowers) every few days to replicate the humidity of their natural environment. Our beautiful phalaenopsis orchid plants are natives of Asia and Australia, so will prefer a warmer environment during the day - but letting them cool down overnight helps to promote flower growth. Keep caring for your orchid when it’s dormant, and each year you will be rewarded with flowers for up to 2-3 months at a time. Carefully removing dead blooms may encourage even more to grow next season.

What's the Difference Between Orchid Plants and Bouquets?

If you’re looking for a gift with more longevity than a bouquet of cut flowers, for someone with time to commit to its care, buying an orchid is an excellent alternative. Fragrant and luxurious, these stunning indoor houseplants add a burst of color to a room, and if kept correctly can provide you with beautiful blossoms for years to come. 

As with all of our plants, our orchids are chosen with the utmost care, elegantly potted and arranged in-house, and delivered straight to your door.

What does the orchid flower symbolize?

Orchids are thought to symbolize strength, rare beauty, love, wealth and luxury. In Ancient Greece the orchid was a symbol of virility, and people even thought the gender of a child could be decided by eating orchid tubers.

How long do orchid flowers last?

How long orchids last will depend very much on the type of orchid you have. Cut orchids can last from seven days (varieties such as Dendrobium Orchids) up to as long as six weeks (varieties such as Phalaenopsis Orchids or Cymbidium Orchids).

How much sunlight do orchids need?

Orchids thrive in indirect sunlight. The orchid’s natural habitat may be tropical and sunny, but in that locale, they’re protected from direct sunlight by a forest canopy. So, it’s important to keep your orchids out of direct sunlight and away from windows.

How much water should you give to orchids?

How much water orchids need will depend on the type of orchids you choose. Orchid plants, like our beautiful Double White Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter, only need a quarter of a cup of water a week to stay in great shape. Other types of orchids, such as dendrobium orchids, need a full vase of water to keep them hydrated and flourishing. If your orchid needs a lot of water, it will be designed with and delivered in a vase of water with flower food included.

What details will you need from me for my order?
We’ll need the recipient’s name, the address where you want us to deliver to, and the phone number for your recipient. Most people like to send a thoughtful card message along with the flowers, so you can prepare this in advance, or you can work with our talented service team who are well versed in composing meaningful card messages that convey what you want. If ordering online or through mobile, you also have the option to leave a video card message. A video card message delivered with your arrangement is a truly amazing and novel way (a benefit only the French Florist offers) of communicating a super meaningful message to your recipient. There is no charge at all for a card message or video card message. We’ll ask just for all normal billing information. All information communicated is highly private and secure.
What if I’m disappointed in the flowers?
We don’t think that will happen. With our 43 years of expertise, truly exceptional staff and whole-hearted concentration on raising the bar for the floral industry in its entirety, French Florist will move mountains to delight you and your recipient with each delivery. If your recipient’s gifts are anything less than what you had in mind when you were ordering, we want to know. We implore you to advise us so we can make it right with you and the recipient of your gift. Call us at 310-659-7700 or email info@frenchflorist.com and see just how much we care.
Can you deliver in the morning?

Of course. We have Express Delivery availability that you can select during checking out. This guarantees you an early priority delivery time. Please select this time for a priority delivery time...

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