From friendship to romance, roses are the perfect flower to express your emotions when words don’t do them justice. Whether you prefer romantic reds or delicate pinks, there’s a variety of rose bouquets ready for delivery to suit any occasion. Perhaps you’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or just surprising a loved one to brighten their day. If you’re looking for stunning roses that stand out from the crowd, look no further. Order and buy roses online for same-day local delivery throughout Los Angeles and nationwide - for that special someone, or as a gift for yourself.

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What do you put in water for roses?

All of our flower arrangements come with flower food included in their water, to keep them thriving for as long as possible. 

If you want to keep your roses looking fresh, change their vase water and add flower food to keep them strong and hydrated. If you’ve run out of flower food, you can add a couple of tablespoons of sugar into the water to keep them looking their best.

What makes roses last longer?

The best way to make your roses last longer is by changing their vase water regularly - ideally every day. Changing the water keeps the flowers and the vase fresh and clean. If you leave your roses in stale water in the vase it can cause bacterial growth, which will limit the life of cut flowers.

Trimming the bottom of the stem each time you change the water will also help maintain a healthy flow of water up the stem of the roses.

What do different color roses represent?

Here are what the colors of roses are known to represent: 

  • Red: They’re a classic choice for a romantic gift, usually for your significant other. Red roses are known to symbolize romance and passion, which makes them a popular color of choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. 
  • Purple: Known to symbolize enchantment and royalty, purple roses are one of the rarest colors. Lighter shades of purple traditionally represent love at first sight, whereas darker shades symbolize deeper and long-term romance. 
  • White: White roses are known for symbolizing innocence and loyalty and have become a popular flower for weddings. They’re also known to represent eternal love and the emotions a bride will feel on her wedding day.
  • Yellow: Yellow roses are seen as the color of friendship. They symbolize joy and thoughtfulness and are a great choice for brightening someone’s day. 

  • Pink: Depending on the shade of pink, the meaning behind pink roses can vary. Often, pink represents femininity and elegance, whereas deep pink roses tend to symbolize gratitude and appreciation - making them a great thank you gift.

  • Orange: With their bright and bold color, orange roses tend to symbolize enthusiasm and energy. They’re a great way to let the receiver know you’re proud of them and work as a good pick-me-up if your loved one is feeling low.
How do you care for cut roses?

Here is a step-by-step checklist of how to care for your cut roses when they arrive: 

  1. Choose a location: Keep your roses in a shaded spot in your house, away from direct sunlight. The cooler the location, the better. 

  2. Water: Make sure to change the vase water regularly, ideally every day as stale water can cause bacteria to grow. 

Feed: Your roses will arrive in water, with flower food already given to them. To keep them looking their best, add more flower food when you change their water.

How long do roses typically last?

Your cut roses should typically last up to one week or more. We source our roses directly from world-class and leading farms to make sure the flowers you receive are the freshest they can be - so they should last longer than roses you’ve bought before.

You should be able to make them last longer than a week by changing their water regularly and making sure to trim their stems each time you change their water.

Can you deliver in the morning?

Of course. We have Express Delivery availability that you can select during checking out. This guarantees you an early priority delivery time. Please select this time for a priority delivery time...

Do you deliver to hospitals?
Of course. We think it’s one of the nicest ways to show your care and love. There are so many studies that show the immense benefits of sending flowers to someone who is in the hospital. We have special relationships with all the hospitals in our area and know the ins and outs of delivering there. Rest assured our customer service specialist will reach out to the hospital and confirm that your recipient is approved to receive flowers and keep you closely updated if anything about the delivery arises.
What if no one is home when you arrive?

We always retain the wonderful element of surprising the person you’re sending flowers to. If our delivery driver knocks on the door and there is no answer, our customer service team will call to the recipient’s phone number. If no one answers, we may call you to ask to advise. If our driver is at a business or residence where there is a safe location we will leave it in a safe place, and then leave a voicemail for your recipient to let them know they have flowers. We’ll leave our information as well so that they can reach out in case there are any concerns. In occurrences when we do not feel like there is a safe place to leave the flowers, we return them to the shop and notify you and your recipient, letting your recipient know to reach out to us to reschedule the delivery of a fresh arrangement at a time that works best for them. This is something we offer typically at no extra cost.

Will my flowers look like the picture?
Yes! All photography is done fully in-house with actual arrangements we make ourselves. Everything you see on our website is ours and only ours. We have an exceptionally talented design team that uses the photograph you selected for your order to create the same thing for your recipient. There are very certain instances when one type of flower is not in it’s prime, so we will substitute with an equivalent or better flower that most closely resemble the look and feel of the arrangement you chose. Our design team’s eye is exceptional and anytime we substitute the arrangement will look just as (if not sometimes more) stunning. Our #1 commitment is to your happiness and the quality of our arrangements.
How should I care for the flowers or plants?
Keep flowers and plants out of direct sunlight and away from air vents that blow air on them. For flowers, it is best to fill the vase to the very top as soon as it arrives and to refresh the water daily. You should be able to tilt the vase so that most of the water will pour out. Then refill it with fresh water. If one flower shows signs of wilting, you can just simply remove it and enjoy the remaining flowers. For green and blooming plants, wait to add water until the soil becomes dry. When watering, soak the soil and then pour off or out any excess water. If you ever want to transplant to a bigger pot, just wait at least a few weeks so the plant can adjust to their new environment before they undergo major changes in their pot and soil. For orchids or succulents, wait about 10 days between watering and provide only a small amount of water. Orchids and succulents thrive in a dryer environment! Overwatering is a very common way to cause the orchid to be unhappy!

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