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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

shutterstock_248293039A prominent symbol of spring, tulips crop up everywhere in seasonal decorations and flower beds, blooming in March and continuing to flower through May. Originally from Turkey, with records of their cultivation from as early as 1000 A.D., tulips and their diverse varieties have spread their beauty worldwide. Today, there are roughly one hundred known species of tulips and well over three thousand recorded varieties. Tulips grow to different heights, sprout various petal shapes, and burst in pretty much any color or color combination you could want. Beautiful whether their colors sweep through a field, dot a springtime flower bed, or fill a vase, tulips are sure to please. At French Florist, we have a wide selection of tulips that will bring a touch of springtime to your office, home, or to a friend. 

In addition to symbolizing spring, tulips also stand for imagination, dreaminess, professing love, and perfect love. In other words, tulips are the perfect way to tell that special someone exactly how you feel. Make your loved one go pink in the cheeks with a vibrant bouquet of Blushing Blooms. An arrangement of cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and roses which features tulips in a sweet shades of pink and orange atop deep green leaves, this bouquet will ensure your significant other loves you the way you love him or her. So, you can spend the rest of your time together imagining and dreaming about your wonderful future together. 

 Tulips not only have a history of spreading beauty around the world, but also cheerfulness. If you want to brighten a friend or co-worker's day, you will want to send sunny yellow tulips. Our Splendor bouquet features bright yellow gerbera daisies and tulips whimsically arranged atop white hydrangea. Full of energy and bursting with the color of happiness, this fun floral arrangement will lift anyone's spirits.



Our Blissfully Vibrant arrangement also bursts with tulips and positive energy. Sprays of iris, orchids, mini calla lilies, and tulips in bright pinks and deep purples spill from a unique glass cube vase. Curly willow and bear grass loop around the vase and arrangement adding a fun dash of excitement to already delightful bouquet. 

Blissfully VIbrant

Blissfully VIbrant

No matter which one of the over three thousand types of tulips you prefer, at French Florist, our flower experts can help you select the perfect tulip arrangements to celebrate spring or any occasion. 


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