Pavé Roses Make Perfect Wedding Flower Arrangements


Pavé Roses Make Perfect Wedding Flower Arrangements

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17 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Pave Roses
Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash 

Flowers are known to express heartfelt emotions, which makes choosing your wedding flowers such a tough decision. You’ll want to choose flowers that symbolize the endless love you share and complement the color scheme of your big day. If you’re looking for beautiful wedding flower arrangements to bring your wedding to life, pavé roses are a perfect choice. 

What are Pavé Roses? 

Pavé is the French word for “paved”. If you picture a cobbled walkway, the stones are small and set close together as they form a solid surface. The same can be said for pavé flowers. 

A pavé arrangement involves trimming off the leaves, cutting the stems fairly short, and placing the flower heads close together. Instead of the flowers being spaced out, with long stems and filler plants, the pavé style is more crowded. This makes the flowers appear more bunched together - which can maximize the roses’ beauty and color. With pavé roses appearing more clean and tailored, they’re a perfect choice for sophisticated and elegant occasions like weddings.

Pavé Roses Look Luxurious 

Roses that are arranged in the pavé style offer a luxurious and sophisticated look, compared to bouquets that are lighter and spread out with filler flowers in between. The pavé style is denser and appears crowded compared to other types of flower arrangements, which accentuates the roses’ natural radiance. This makes pavé roses a brilliant choice for bridal bouquets as well as tabletop arrangements. 

Pavé Roses Make Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Roses are a timeless, popular choice for a bridal bouquet. They symbolize romance and passion and can represent the love and commitment that comes with your wedding day. While red roses are a classic choice, there are several types and colors to choose from for your fairytale wedding. 

Pavé roses offer more visual and color impact, making them the ideal choice for a beautiful wedding flower arrangement. Their crowded arrangement helps emphasize the beauty of the roses themselves. Their tailored and sophisticated look will complement your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ gowns.

Order Same-day Delivery for Fresh Pavé Roses

Here at French Florist, we understand the significance of having beautiful wedding flowers, to represent the love you share on your special day. You can trust our experienced team of floristry experts to create stunning pavé rose bouquets  - so you have another thing ticked off your to-do list before the big day. Order wedding roses for your wedding arrangements for delivery nationwide, or by 2 pm for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles.


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