Yes! Men Like to Receive Flowers Too!


Yes! Men Like to Receive Flowers Too!

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25 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Man with flowers
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It’s an old-fashioned and out-of-date view that you can’t give flowers to men the same way you would to women - and we’re so glad that view is changing. The gift of fresh-cut flowers as a symbol of love and appreciation is universal, and everyone deserves to know how it feels to receive them, including the men in your life. 

If you want to start buying flowers for men but are worried about straying too far from typically masculine tastes, focus on a bouquet made up of darker colors. You could also opt for an arrangement that utilises bold, striking stems as filler, such as grasses, bamboo, or laurel leaves. 

At French Florist, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful arrangements for everyone. Read on to see some of the occasions our bouquets are perfect for, and order flowers for that special man by 2pm for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles.

Show him your appreciation

Thank you flowers
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Saying “thank you” is lovely; showing your thanks is the next step. Buying someone flowers as appreciation is demonstrating how highly you think of them and what they have done for you - be it a selfless act, a hard-earned achievement, or even simply being there when you need them. Flowers say “I see you, thank you”, in a way that not many gifts can. 

Maybe there’s a man in your life who has really stepped up recently; be it a family member, friend, or partner. Peach roses are a popular choice for saying thank you, representing sincere gratitude, as are bold-hued camellias and hydrangeas. 

Say you’re sorry

There are lots of ways in which you can use flowers for saying sorry. Did something not go to plan? Did they lose something or someone important to them? Did you make a mistake? Sending someone flowers shows that you are thinking about them, without being overbearing. If there’s a man in your life who may not be the best communicator, you can let him know that he has someone there to talk to when he’s ready by sending flowers.

We previously mentioned that hydrangeas are sometimes used to show thanks, but blue hydrangeas specifically are often associated with apologies. Blue is a cool, typically masculine color, but also a color that signifies peace - perfect for wishing someone peace in a turbulent time, or for extending an olive branch. 

Celebrate an anniversary

Anniversary Flowers
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Giving flowers for anniversary celebrations has a long history - there are even specific flowers to represent different years. However, in the spirit of breaking with tradition, feel free to simply pick the flowers that you think the recipient would like the most. After all, an anniversary isn’t always a romantic occasion - it could be a case of marking years of friendship, or acknowledging the time since someone has joined a company. 

Pick something bold and happy for the occasion. For example, sunflowers are some of the best flowers to gift. They are instantly recognisable and represent loyalty, happiness, and longevity - perfect for celebrating time spent together. 

Say “happy birthday”

Birthday flowers
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The best thing about birthday flowers is that they can be as unique as their recipient - this is a situation where you can really draw on any personal connections and memories in deciding which flowers to give. If you already know the birthday boy’s favourite flower then you have a headstart, but don’t worry if not - this may be the chance for him to discover which flowers he likes.

Lilies and roses make good birthday flowers as they are timeless, beautiful, and can be truly showstopping in floral arrangements. Both come in a variety of vibrant colours. If you’re not sure where to begin in buying birthday flowers for men, you could always start by finding out what is the flower for your recipient’s birth month.

Why not test our theory and buy him some beautiful flowers today?

If you’re looking for plants and flowers for any man, whether they're a loved one or a colleague, at French Florist we have a wide variety available all put together by our experienced and committed team. Browse our selection of flowers now for delivery nationwide or next-day local delivery.


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