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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

There are almost too many occasions for which flowers are called for in winter ' holidays, parties, romantic dinners by the fire. It's no wonder that designs tend to get a little more festive and a lot more luxurious during this season; we're in a good mood, and we want to celebrate.

One of our favorite things about winter flowers here at French Florist is the palette it introduces into our home. Cold-weather blooms can be bold ' vibrant red roses and splays of evergreen ' or serene, as if taking its cue from the snowy scene elsewhere in the country.

It's the latter category we're focusing on in this week's blog. White blooms or those in the neutral realm really refresh your home or office. They don't compete with existing holiday decor either; instead, they add a note of serenity to a space. Look at them and you feel tranquil, an experience you'll have if you pick up our A Festival Of Lights bouquet. Lilies & Hydrangea Hanukkah Arrangement Los Angeles

These striking lilies are set off by blue hydrangea, a gorgeous palette of the classic Hanukkah colors. This could also work as a New Year's centerpiece, or simply as a winter-inspired bouquet in your home. We may not have snow here or icy lakes, but we can certainly recall those pastoral features through our floral decor.


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