autumn flowers


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

autumn floral designs

During the fall season, we love the deep, rich colors. Many fall varieties ' such as the aster, sunflower, and fall chrysanthemum ' bloom well into the autumn months. Others perfectly showcase the palettes of the season, which include rich tones of red and orange, golden yellows, and organic browns. If you are looking to decorate your home or send a gift, the experts at French Florist have the autumn floral designs you are looking for,

You will love the warmth and hospitality embodied in Roses, Tulips & Lilies Galore. (shown below) Fall flowers are often thought to be rustic, but this display is elegant and sophisticated. What is your fall style?

autumn floral designs

Did You Know? Although quite different from the New England version of foliage, Southern California's autumn colors can be spectacular. Just a couple of hours from Los Angeles, reds, golds and yellows are awaiting in oak, maple and aspen groves. The best viewing season is the first week in October, but the colors can last into November.

A Fractal Harmony (shown below) is a contemporary fall arrangement you'll love to display in your home. Lilies and cymbidium orchids take center stage, while geometric interest and texture is provided by a variety of fall elements. If you like your autumn floral designs with a touch of modern, this is a perfect choice for your home decor. autumn floral designs

Speaking of modern fall designs, a Trendy Autumn Fresh Bouquet is one of our most popular selections. The warm glow from gerbera daisies, yellow lilies, and orange roses sets the tone for a gorgeous autumn table, especially after wheat accents are added.

autumn floral designsAutumn floral designs from French Florist are an inviting and beautiful way to accent your home decor during this season. No matter the occasion, we can design an arrangement they will never forget. Call us today.


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