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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

late spring flowers

This time of the year, nature decorates the world with all the colors and textures of the late spring flowers. Here at French Florist, we love designing floral arrangements and bouquets that celebrate all the vivid hues and brilliant tones of this season, and as we head into summer, now is the perfect time to fill your home with beauty. What is your favorite spring flower? late spring flowers
One of the most popular ' and most recognizable ' spring florals is the common sunflower. This bright bloom is practically synonymous with the spring and summer seasons, and its habit of turning its head to follow the sun makes it a perfect floral ambassador. Sunflowers are not only beautiful, they are one of the most versatile and useful plants on the planet. Their seeds are used for food, and the oil made from the seeds has medicinal applications. Sunflower oil can be used to cook, to treat wounds, and even to soften leather! Each sunflower offers approximately 2,000 seeds in its center disk; the bright yellow 'petals' are actually each individual flowers clustered together. It seems the common sunflower is not so common after all. Sunflowers are bold enough to stand on their own, or to mix with other flowers.

Other spring florals which have our attention this season are roses in neon colors, as well as lilies in orange,late spring flowers yellow and pink. These classic flowers in bright colors make a vivid statement. Asters, mums, and daisies are all members of the same family and come in a rainbow of colors to complement any design. For a slightly more demure (but no less beautiful) spring flower, try the hydrangea in shades of pink, green, blue and white.

One of the more beloved late spring flowers is the peony. Although there are many varieties, floral designers often turn to the double peony for their creations. The double peony has an overabundance of soft petals that completely cover the center of the flower, forming a 'ball of petals' that is both elegant and unique. Peonies can grow to exhibit very large blooms and come in many colors, often pinks and pastels.

You can trust the experience of the professionals at French Florist to design the most beautiful and bright late spring flowers. Stop by our shop, or have us deliver (throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area).



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