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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

tropical floral designs

It's July, and the heat of summer is undeniable. At French Florist, we are embracing all the summer fire and channeling it into some of the hottest floral designs of the season ' featuring vivid reds, sunset oranges, and the tropical flowers that will make your home decor sizzle. Across Los Angeles, you won't find more exquisite or exciting floral arrangements ' why look any further?

Tropical floral designs remind us of wild island meadows, or pristine beaches of paradise. These exotic and unique blooms showcase dramatic linear aesthetics and vibrant bursts of color. What do you think of when you imagine the tropics?

tropical floral designs

One of our favorite tropical floral designs features birds-of-paradise and heliconia. Both of these bold flowers shine in fiery orange-red hues, and exhibit artistic and unexpected shapes and lines. Red ginger and anthurium add unique textures and bright contrast, while various palm fronds contribute an authentic air. Purple orchids, lilies and roses cool things down with beauty and grace.

One of our Favorites: The protea is an amazing and gorgeous tropical flower that is sure to become the center of conversation when used in a floral arrangement. This tropical bloom is most commonly seen in floral arrangements in two varieties ' the pink protea, which has bold vertical petals that form a cylindrical flower head; and the pincushion protea, which features 'spidery' petals similar to a Fuji mum. Both add unmistakable elegance and interest to tropical floral designs.

tropical floral designsEmbrace the heat of summer with hot tropical floral designs from French Florist. Whether for a July birthday, an anniversary, a party centerpiece ' or simply to tell someone you love them '  our floral designers have the artistry and expertise to provide the most exquisite arrangements in Los Angeles. Need ideas? Just give us a call.


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