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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

tropical flowersThey say it never rains in southern California, which largely disqualifies us from being a tropical climate. Tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems are characterized by many months of hot temperatures, and shorter periods of heavy rains. But although we may not be tropical, we do love all things sunny, colorful and beautiful ' so the tropical flowers that are trending this season fit right into our lifestyles!

tropical flowersPerhaps the most recognizable tropical flower is the dramatic bird of paradise. The sharp angles, the bold orange color, and the regal stalks make this bloom the perfect star of your arrangement. These confident flowers are emblematic of paradise and are often paired with the royal purple dendrobium orchid, an exotic flower whose delicate composition and vivid hue play off the birds of paradise for a striking combination. To further bring the tropics into your home, consider adding anthurium or red ginger to your arrangement. Both of these vibrantly hued, stately flowers stand tall and add a rich red tropical hue. For a completely different aesthetic, layer in some conversation-starting protea or Fuji mums in exotic colors.

tropical flowersFor those looking for a more subtle rain forest feeling, bromeliads are a perfect choice. Quintessentially tropical, yet always appropriate ' potted bromeliads come in several warm colors and make for an attractive and elegant floral display that fits in anywhere.

tropical flowersIn the summer, we all like to dream of being on a warm beach, with a palm tree overhead and a cool drink in our hands. If that dream is not going to become a reality this season, add some gorgeous tropical blooms to your d'cor, sit back, and allow your deck or patio to become your tropical paradise. For all the right flowers, call French Florist.


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