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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Mix things up this Valentine's Day and spend the day cozied up in your living room. Invite your sweetheart over and enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening, or wake up and bask in peace, quiet, and self-care. Your friends at French Florist, Los Angeles Premier Florist, created the perfect guide for a dreamy at-home Valentine's Day, so you can't go wrong.

Seven Of The Best At-Home Date Ideas

Couple drinking wine by candles and grapes

Set Up an Indoor Picnic

Wine and dine your Valentine right from your living room. Order their favorite entrees or cook a homemade meal, paired with fine wine and chocolates for dessert. Set the ambiance in your living room to something romantic and cozy, with dim lighting, candles, fluffy pillows, and blankets on the floor, and don't forget the beautiful flowers for a fresh centerpiece.

Bottles of wine and assorted chocolates

Have a Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Host a wine and chocolate tasting, either as a post-dinner treat or the main event during your cozy day in. Experiment with different textures and flavors as you pair the best wine with assorted chocolate. Cuddle up next to your honey as you bask in the glory these sweet treats bring.

Colorful board game pieces

Play Old Board Games

While your living room is all set up with a romantic ambiance from your indoor picnic, dust off your old board games. Laugh, get competitive, and act like kids again while you play some Monopoly, Battleship, or Checkers. Itll be a cozy and light-hearted night to remember.

If extravagance and luxury is what you seek in a magnificent array of premium floral varieties, look no further than our exclusive Epicurean Delight bouquet. Boasting high end blooms, such as traditional Hydrangea, fragrant Roses, seasonal Tulips and contemporary Cymbidium Orchids, this stunning design bursts forth from its cylindrical clear glass vase, lined with real, decorative foliage.

Send Beautiful Blooms

When was the last time you sent someone flowers just to brighten their day? Besides a romantic gesture, sending flowers is a way to show someone you care and you wish them happiness. This Valentine's Day, don't miss out on spreading love to your friends, family members, or anyone who you think could use some beautiful blooms, like our Epicurean Delight.

Movie screen and clear bowl of popcorn

Host a Favorite Movie Marathon

Before your date begins, each of you will compile a list of what you consider to be the best movies ever created. Make a list of three to five and write them on individual pieces of paper to put into a bowl. When your date begins, pick a movie out of the bowl to watch, and be sure to share with your partner why these picks are your favorite.

Pink craft supplies

Deliver Homemade Gifts

After a day of pampering yourself with face masks, yoga, or even a relaxing bath, you might be in the mood for something a little more creative and rewarding. Instead of an activity that you can do anytime, spend your time making homemade Valentines and unique gifts. You can deliver your one-of-a-kind masterpieces to friends and family, or spread love through your community and drop them off at local nursing homes or hospitals.

Two people walking and holding hands

Take a Romantic Stroll

A breath of fresh air with your Valentine smells just as romantic as your favorite candle. Make sure to leave your phones inside as you take a stroll together around a nearby park or charming neighborhood. Youll love having uninterrupted time to talk with each other, and maybe even catch a remarkable sunset.

The best day isn't always extravagant or elaborate. Keep Valentine's Day simple this year and appreciate the things you love most. Brighten your day, or someone else's while youre at it. We know a beautiful bouquet from French Florist will always do the trick.


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