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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

dahliasThe dahlia is a gorgeous flower originating in Mexico with historic roots from centuries ago. It is presently the national flower of Mexico and has been cultivated throughout the world to have over 14,000 varieties today.

Dahlias are famous for their bright, colorful continually-blooming flowers that delight viewers year-round. It comes in variety of sizes, colors and shapes, making it popular with gardeners as well as florists. Its beauty inspired the Spanish who saw it in Mexico, took it to their home country and caused its eventual spread and proliferation in Europe.

Dahlia Description and Characteristics

There can be tremendous differences in the various dahlia species. Color, size, petal shape, height and number of petal rows can all vary widely. They grow in smaller varieties just 1 to 3 feet with flowers 2 to 4 inches in diameter. However, there are also much larger species that grow 6 feet tall with stunning flowers that can get up to one foot in diameter.

One of the most impressive characteristics of the dahlia flower is its ringed petals. Flower color of the dahlia can vary quite a bit, and they are seen in white, pink, yellow, red, orange and purple. Flowers are often solid in color, but they can also be patterned in stripes or have different colors at the edges. Petals can be round or pointed, straight or curled at the edges, long or short, uniform or spaced irregularly. There is quite literally a dahlia for every taste, style and preference.

Dahlia Symbolism and Meaning

The dahlia flower came to inspire profound symbolic meaning as it grew in popularity in the Victorian era. It continues to express strong personal sentiments today when used in d'cor or given as a gift. While meanings had religious connections centuries ago, today it brings a wild, untamed energy to more traditional garden and gift arrangements. It can indicate an era of change, exciting travel plans or a desire to unleash one's 'wild side' a bit more.

Mixed and blended with other flowers, the meaning of dahlia is tempered and more balanced. An arrangement that includes softer blooms like roses, calla lilies and tulips can symbolize dignity, elegance and a commitment in marriage. Dahlia also blends well with autumn blooms in fall flower arrangements; consider giving the dahlia along with daisies, asters, sunflowers and chrysanthemums for a truly abundant and radiant effect.

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