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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

thumbnail-1Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ by the Christian religions, is celebrated each spring around the time when Jesus historically rose from the dead, an event that coincided with the Jewish Passover celebration. Today, while still largely a religious holiday, Easter has also developed into a time to spend with family and enjoy the beauty of spring and the new life it represents. Whether you are celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or simply enjoying the celebration of spring, you will find it is an excellent time to give the gift of flowers. Here are some popular choices to consider.

The Easter Lily

The Easter lily, as its name implies, is deeply rooted to the traditions of Easter. The trumpet shape of the bloom symbolizes the trumpets that will sound when Christ returns, while the white of the flower symbolizes the purity and goodness found in Christ. For religious individuals, no gift is better suited than the Easter Lily.

Spring Bulbs and Blossoms

Easter is also the celebration of spring and the new life that it brings. In many parts of the country, Easter is also the time when tulips and daffodils are blooming in full force. These blooms make beautiful additions to a cut flowers display, and your Easter flowers can include them. The simplicity and beautiful colors of Spring Tulips is an example of this type of arrangement. The arrangement lets the beauty of the spring blooms speak for itself.

Garden of Grandeur

Garden of Grandeur

Embracing the Easter Basket

Another option to consider when buying gifts for Easter is skipping flowers altogether and giving an Easter gift instead. The Easter Bunny Basket takes on the look of a beautiful flower arrangement but is made with an assortment of Easter candy and a stuffed animal. If the recipient has a child, this gift is sure to be appreciated.

If you still want to give flowers, you can also make the Easter basket part of the arrangement with the help of French Florist. A Garden of Grandeur houses colorful spring blooms in a charming Easter basket, so you can give flowers with a touch of whimsy of the season.

Are you looking for an Easter arrangement to give this year? French Florist is here to help. We will deliver beautiful Easter arrangements throughout the greater Los Angeles region. Shop with us today, and give a gift that embraces spring to the fullest.



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