Bring the Glorious L.A. Sunset Into Your Home with Golden Hour Bouquets


Bring the Glorious L.A. Sunset Into Your Home with Golden Hour Bouquets

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14 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Los Angeles Sunset
Photo by Demian Tejeda-Benitez on Unsplash 

With 75 miles of coastline, the city of LA is known for having some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world. And with hills and mountains across the city offering incredible views, there are plenty of ways to soak in a beautiful LA sunset.

But how can you recreate the stunning deep reds, vibrant yellows, and warm oranges at home? The answer is simple: with eye-catching sunset flowers.

What are sunset flowers?

Sunset flowers are bouquets that evoke the warmth and beauty of a sunset. They feature an array of incredible colors, including reds, oranges, yellows, and even purples.

These wonderful arrangements are meant to reflect the majesty of the golden hour; that short time just before sunset when the sky is filled with picture-perfect fall colors.

Not only are sunset flowers beautiful, but they also bring a piece of the LA sunset into your home and with it, add plenty of life to any room.

Santa Monica Pier Sunset
Photo by Earthly Beauties on Unsplash 


What flowers are available in sunset colors?

Sunset bouquets include a variety of different flowers, such as sunflowers, which mirror the appearance of the sun setting over the horizon, as well as roses, tulips, and lilies.

Sensational Sunset Flowers
Sensational Sunset


Bring a touch of the LA sunset into your home with flowers from French Florist

If you’re looking for incredible sunset flowers, French Florist offers same-day flower delivery across LA. Because we’re a local florist, we also have locations in Westlake Village and central LA so you can view our arrangements in person and see firsthand the dedication and expertise of our floral experts.


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