4th of July


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Each year we look forward to gathering with our dear friends and family for traditional cookouts and backyard grilling. Why not spice things up this summer to enjoy an extraordinary day of spending time with loved ones, eating the best food, and soaking up the sunshine in style. Elevate your outdoor space with suggestions and ideas from the experts here at French Florist, the premier floral shop in Los Angeles. Serve more than brisket and burgers at your annual bash when you include bright blooms on every table, garnish signature drinks with petals, and even send your guests home with unique floral arrangements they can admire for days to come.

Four Simple Tips for Including Flowers In Your Cookout

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Add contrast to the natural color palette of Mother Nature and your favorite BBQ foods by displaying bright and bold pops of color at this year's cookout. Blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow petals will bring a refreshing and lively element to your style, especially if they are surrounded by vibrant greenery. Large floral arrangements are not only great for guest tables, but matching smaller accents are perfect for your food tables and dessert displays.

Select Hardy Blooms

The best types of flowers and greens to include in floral arrangements for a summer cookout are hardy and able to withstand the hot summer months. As breathtaking as they are, unfortunately, roses are not on our list of 'summer-loving blooms. We prefer suggesting things such as anthurium, delphinium, carnations, sunflowers, pincushions, wax flowers, daisies, succulents, and eucalyptus. Not only will their petals thrive all day and night, but you can continue to admire their beauty as home decor after your guests depart.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

This year, your favorite summertime blooms are here to help you and your guests sip in style. Among the many ways to creatively incorporate flowers into your backyard cookout, this might be the sweetest and most delicious. Garnishing your drinks with floral doesn't mean you need to be stirring up cocktails or fancy drinks like lavender lemon spritz all night long, although signature drinks are often crowd-pleasers. Simply garnish a soda in a glass, fruit-infused waters, or your famous iced tea or lemonade. Before serving, ensure the flowers and plants you have selected are safe to consume by confirming with your local florist.

Fill Mason Jars for Decor & Gifts

If you are in need of a fun idea to spice up your decor and style for this year's BBQ, search for mason jars to utilize as vases for mini summer flower arrangements. Pairing charm, nostalgia, and rustic chic with bold and bright blooms gives you the ability to create the perfect pieces for food stations and guest tables. Add your personal flair and spin on this DIY project by dressing up the jars with ribbon and decorating them to match your party theme. As the evening winds down, surprise guests by giving each one a mason jar with floral to take and admire at home.

Spending time with family and grilling in the backyard with friends are two things that certainly need to be celebrated correctly this year. Since not many things are as beautiful, lovely, or special as bold summer flowers, your guests are sure to love the additional thought and details you add to your decor. Let the local professionals at French Florist help you select the perfect colorful blooms for your occasion.

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