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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

If we asked you to nominate one plant as most symbolic of the holidays, which would you choose?

We at French Florist think we know: the poinsettia. This classic winter-blooming plant is known for its color a true red and its contrasting green leaves. You could say that the poinsettia has really nailed the Christmas color palette, but it's actually available in a range of hues, including white, pink and even orange. Though let's be honest; most workplaces need a huge dash of holiday color and have a lot of space to fill. It's the red poinsettia we love for our businesses and offices.

Nothing makes a holiday statement more than a sea of red poinsettias. Cluster them around your workplace's point of entry or around a front desk, or sprinkle them throughout the office for a unified look. Whatever you do, these festive beauties will get the job done. If youre interested in a more refined presentation, consider our Double Blooming Poinsettia, which adds in moss, pine cones and a luxurious bow.Double Blooming Poinsettia Garden - French Florist

Something as special as our Poinsettia & Plant Garden could be posed on a front desk or offered as a gift to a boss or coworker. Poinsettia & Plant Garden - Los Angeles Florist

Poinsettias can be grouped together for a wash of color or planted right into other designs, as above. Even one or two blooms in an arrangement adds a lot of holiday cheer. Make sure your office poinsettias get some light and are watered every few days, that way theyll stay vibrant throughout the holiday season.


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