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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

When it comes to choosing a summer flower to fill up your table vases, to give as a gift to a loved one, or to adorn a reception hall for a wedding, no other flower dominates the scene except the rose. Roses have been a symbol of love and beauty for generations as this flower has been around for over 35 million years. So it isn't any wonder why people choose to have such a wonderful and fragrant flower in their homes during the summer.

As you pick out a rose product from French Florist, whether it is a dozen red roses for someone special or a few long stem yellow roses to brighten the house, make sure to take care of them immediately. The sooner you care for the cut roses, the longer they will last. Here at French Florist, we love to offer people the latest tips for caring for cut flowers. Don't simply assume that the way you treat your roses will be the same as you treat your lilies, marigolds, or other flowers. Each cut flower is different as each one needs special care tailored to their particular species.

Caring For Cut Roses

After you purchase the cut flowers from French Florist, you need to get them in water immediately, even if the flower will be a gift for someone later. Roses in particular need to keep hydrated to last for a week or more. The moment you get the flowers in the house, put them in a container of water as you can then get ready to prepare them for your vase.

Prepare your vase by washing it out and filling it with lukewarm water. The water temperature should be around 100 degrees ' about the same temperature if you are soaking in a nice relaxing bath. Place the plant food that we provide with your cut roses into the water by following the package directions.

Next, cut rose stems using a non-serrated knife. You want to cut the roses with the stems under lukewarm water. Go up about an inch and trim off the bottom at an angle. Then remove any leaves and thorns that will be under the vase water to prevent bacteria from forming.

Now you can place the roses into the vase. To prolong the life of the roses, you want to place them in fresh water every day and cut the stems every other day. Remember to clean out the vase and add new flower food as you'll be amazed at just how long the roses will last.


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