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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

hollywood birthdayWhat do the vibrant red ruby and the cool blue delphinium have in common? Aside from being exquisite offerings from nature, both the ruby and the delphinium have also been chosen to officially represent birthdays in the month of July ' the first as the birthstone, the second as the birth flower.

As one of only four true gemstones in the world, the ruby holds a special place of distinction. Known as the 'king of stones,' the jewel has been coveted by rulers for thousands of years. Not only was the ruby reported to ward off enemies, invaders and evil spirits ' very important attributes for those in tribal cultures ' a true deep red ruby is exceptionally rare and therefore only royalty and the highest levels of society were deemed worthy of owning one. A person would be gifted with the benefits of the ruby simply by wearing it; qualities which included peace, wealth, good fortune and passion. Legend says that during July, the stone's essence and spiritual powers are heightened.

hollywood birthdayDid You Know: Birthstones became popular in 15th century Poland when one was chosen for each month. The list has changed over the centuries but has remained largely unchanged since 1912. Traditionally, wearing the appropriate birthstone in each month would transfer each stone's gifts to the wearer, regardless of birthday.

hollywood birthdayThe most valuable ruby is one that exhibits a rich, luxurious red with an overall hint of blue, making it look almost purple in some light. Therefore it is entirely appropriate that the alternate way to celebrate a July birthday is the delicate blue delphinium flower. The expert designers at French Florist can create a unique arrangement that blends the essence of the ruby with the lovely hue of the delphinium, resulting in a personal birthstone / flower inspired bouquet.

Here in Los Angeles, the place to go for artistically designed bouquets for any occasion is French Florist. Stop in today to speak with one of our experts as to how you can send a unique and personal July birthday arrangement.


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