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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Feeling grateful this November? Us too. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it's definitely the time to start taking stock and counting our blessings. As we gather round the table with friends and family and dig into a delicious home-cooked meal, there is someone we don't want to overlook in offering our gratitude: the host.

Many of us won't be hosting Thanksgiving in our own homes but going to someone else's. And we at French Florist think that the custom of giving our holiday host a gift by way of saying thanks is the best possible way to communicate our gratitude.

While host gifts may be customary, there's a lot of debate as to what they should consist of. Some say wine, others flowers and still others prefer to give gift baskets or an item specific to the host. To our mind, there's no better way to thank a host than through roses, peach roses, to be precise.

Peach roses connote gratitude, which is why they show up so often in thank-you arrangements. We love our A Peach Rose Painting for a host or hostess gift. Modest in scale and brimming with the elegant bloom, this classic design has the addition of greens and berries, providing a soft contrast to the centerpiece flower. Set in a glass bowl, this is exactly the sort of host gift you'd want to have sent either a day before the big dinner or a day or two after. Doing so will ensure that your host has time to place the flowers and won't feel burdened with finding a home for them on the day of.

We love working with roses here at French Florist, and we look forward to helping you put together the perfect piece for your holiday host.


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