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Rose vs Lily - Which One Means Love?


Rose vs Lily - Which One Means Love?

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02 Nov 2022

By Michael Jacobson

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Gifting a beautiful bouquet is often seen as the ultimate romantic gesture. Flowers are known to express various emotions, but which type of flower best represents love and romance? Roses and lilies are both popular choices to express romantic love whatever the occasion, from Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, to simply surprising them when they least expect it. Roses often symbolize romantic or intimate love, whereas lilies are seen to represent pure and innocent affection. If you’re looking for flowers that mean love, combining the two can create an enchanting bouquet to remember. 

Do roses and lilies both mean love?

Both lilies and roses are known to represent love, making both flowers the perfect romantic gesture. The lily is known to represent love, devotion, purity and fertility, with the innocent beauty of the flower known to symbolize new life and rebirth. 

The rose has been associated with love for centuries, with one of the first instances of roses representing love coming from ancient Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, walked through a rose garden that had been shot by Cupid’s arrow, which made the roses grow thorns. Aphrodite was pricked by a rose thorn, and her blood turned the roses red, which may be a reason why red roses are often associated with romance. Today, roses are seen to represent affection, love, and admiration.

Rose colors and their meanings

Rose bouquet
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

Roses come in a variety of colors with different meanings. Here are just some of the color varieties of roses and what they represent:

  • White roses: Traditionally associated with new beginnings like weddings, white roses are also associated with remembrance. They’re a beautiful way to honor a loved one, either in a new beginning or a farewell. Their pure white color symbolizes both respect and hope for the future. Sending white roses is a way to say “I’m thinking of you” in hard times.

  • Red roses: Red roses have been associated with passion and romantic love for centuries. Whether they’re for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or to express your love spontaneously, red roses are the epitome of true love.

  • Yellow roses: Yellow roses once symbolized jealousy and greed, but are now more often associated with friendship and care. Similar to sunflowers, gifting a yellow rose expresses affection and warmth - a great way to show a friend just how much you appreciate them. 

  • Peach roses: Their warm color makes peach roses the perfect surprise to show adoration. They’re known to express gratitude and are often given as a sign of loyalty. 

  • Pink roses: Pink roses are a symbol of grace and elegance, often given to express admiration and appreciation. They’re seen as the gentlest of roses and are the perfect gift for your best friend, or even a co-worker who needs a pick-me-up.

Lily colors and their meanings

Lilies in a vase
Photo by Ankita Khante on Unsplash

While you may be more familiar with pink or white lilies, lilies come in a variety of colors including:

  • Pink lilies: As their color may suggest, pink lilies are often associated with femininity. They often symbolize admiration, love, compassion, and understanding, making them the perfect gift to show you care. 

  • White lilies: The color white is often associated with purity. This makes them the perfect addition to a bridal bouquet, to convey the purity of their love and commitment in marriage. They’re also the flower of choice for funerals.

  • Yellow lilies: Yellow is considered a happy color, encouraging feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Yellow lilies are sure to put a smile on someone’s face, making them the perfect gift to tell a friend how much you value them. 

  • Orange lilies: Orange lilies, like yellow lilies, stand out from the crowd. Orange is a strong color, symbolizing energy, warmth, and confidence. If you’re looking to express your gratitude for someone special, orange lilies are a great choice. They can also be a beautiful tribute for a funeral, to celebrate the life of someone who was always smiling.

  • Purple lilies: Often associated with royalty, purple lilies are considered rare and exclusive. Purple represents pride, success, and accomplishment, making them a beautiful gift to congratulate someone on an achievement.

Is a rose and lily combination the ultimate love gesture?

Looking to surprise your partner with a beautiful bouquet, but want to break away from tradition? While a bouquet of red roses is traditionally romantic, you may be looking for something extra special. A rose and lily bouquet could be the ultimate expression of love, to surprise them when they least expect it. Roses are often considered more romantic or intimate, while lilies symbolize pure and innocent love. Combining the two into a vibrant, brilliant bouquet could be just what you’re looking for to express your heartfelt emotions when the words don’t quite cut it. 

Surprise someone special with a rose and lily bouquet

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