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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

For those celebrating Passover, it is a time of excitement and joy. The Jewish people remember the trials and victories of their ancestors when they were slaves in ancient Egypt. Passover remembers how the people were able to obtain their freedom through trust in the Lord. Flowers are the perfect way to express this joy, which is why they have become such an important part of traditional Passover celebrations. Although many celebrating this holiday may have been accustomed to seeing flowers everywhere while enjoying the traditional seder dinner, learning a bit more about the history of the use of flowers and how to present them can help make the traditions even more meaningful.

The traditions and history of Passover and flowers

After a long hard winter, the blooming flowers signal to people that the times of hardships are ending and the world is becoming new once again. It is this perception of renewal that the Jewish people are hoping to capture with their flowers during Passover. Flowers are typically used to decorate the home to help spread the joy of the holiday.

In addition to seeing flowers around the home, they are also common adornments in gift baskets. It is believed that this tradition arose from old matchmaking ways. In the past, the single men in an area would venture out to the streets with a flower in hand, while the single ladies would dress themselves up. The men would approach the ladies and offer their flower. If it was accepted, it meant the woman was willing to court the young man. The young man, now with permission to venture to the young lady's home and speak with her parents, would send ahead of himself a basket of lettuce and flowers.

Traditional types and arrangements of flowers

When the time comes to decorate the home for Passover, spring flowers tend to be the most popular and most traditional. Lilies, carnations, tulips, cherry blossoms, and pussy willows are just a few of the popular options for decorations. Selecting lightly colored options, such as pinks and whites, can help the home feel tranquil and peaceful, while oranges and yellows can help add warmth. Flowers, such as lilies can be used to adorn entrances, while others can be used to decorate buffet tables or to make take home bouquets for guests. Remember that gift baskets should also be gracefully adorned with flowers. Bright and colorful flowers are excellent additions.

Flowers are an important part of Passover celebrations. They capture the spirit and joy of the Jewish people as they recall the stories and history of their ancestors. Incorporating flowers, such as those from French Florist, are the perfect way to prepare for the holiday.


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