Pet Friendly Plants for Pet Lovers

Pet-Friendly Flowers

Pet Friendly Plants for Pet Lovers

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30 Aug 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Woman and dog sitting in garden with plants
(Image Source: Photo by Juliana Daniil on Unsplash)


Thinking of pet-friendly plants isn’t always a go-to for gardeners. Most people think of how they’ll look, how well they’ll grow at a particular time of year, or even how they’ll smell. But if you have pets, then things can be a little more complicated.

While some plants are very pet-friendly and can give them an enjoyable natural environment to relax in, others can be highly dangerous to them and make them very ill - or worse. So if you’re planning some planting and want to make sure your pets are safe, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions about pet-friendly plants

Every pet and every plant is different, but if you’re wondering how to start off with planting that’s good for your animals, these answers should put you on the right track:

What is a pet friendly plant?

A pet friendly plant isn’t necessarily just one that doesn’t pose any risk of illness or injury to a pet. Many plants can actually have a positive effect on animals, either from the sight and sound of them, the shade and shelter they offer, to the physical and emotional effects that plants can have on them.

What are popular pet friendly plants?

Different pets will naturally prefer different types of plants, but there are many excellent examples of commonly grown pet friendly plants:

  • For cats: catmint is a feline favorite, as the essential oils help them relax, while eating grass can help them cough up hairballs. Cats also like scented plants like herbs and lemongrass.

  • For dogs: as with cats, grass is good for dogs as it helps settle their stomachs. In terms of flowers, geraniums, orchids, roses, and sunflowers are among those that look colorful, and won’t cause any harm if bitten or chewed.

  • For rabbits: nasturtium flowers and foliage are delicious for rabbits, as are roses, daisies and mint (so make sure you grow plenty!)


What makes plants unsafe for pets?

Lots of plants can be poisonous to pets if eaten (even if they’re just taking an exploratory bite), or sometimes just by brushing up against a plant that secretes poisonous substances. 

Make sure pets can’t get to any bulbs, azaleas, rhododendrons, daffodils, lilies, ivy, foxglove and wisteria - while this is not an exhaustive list of dangerous plants for pets, these are some of the most commonly grown. Additionally, any plants that are particularly rough or spiky (like cacti) should be treated with care, so that pets don’t get injured through contact.

How long do pet friendly plants live?

Pet friendly plants can live just as long as any other plants as long as they’re cared for in the right way. The only really unique risk to them is if they get eaten by your pet! It’s therefore worth keeping a close eye on maintaining them, so that they can continue to thrive even if parts of them are chewed, and putting up some fencing or other protective equipment if necessary.

How do you care for pet friendly plants?

The best approach to take in caring for pet friendly plants is to keep things as natural as possible. Try and avoid using chemicals to treat or fertilize your plants: for 
example, if a dog eats a slug or a snail that’s eaten a non-organic pellet, the dog can become ill as a result.

Buy your pet friendly plants today

Whatever pet friendly planting you have in mind, French Florist has plenty for you to choose from, so you can develop natural surroundings that can be enjoyed by humans and animals alike. Order before 2pm and we can deliver same-day within the LA area, too. Explore our plants here, or get in touch with our team if you’d like some help and advice.


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