St. Patrick's Day


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

social copyWhether you celebrate your Irish heritage each St. Patrick's Day, or you're simply Irish at heart, this March 17th holiday is a boisterous and energetic festival of laughter and enjoyment with friends and family. What began as a religious feast for the patron saint of Ireland has become a ubiquitous celebration of good beer and the color green.

Do Flowers Come in Green?

Most of the flowers you see in classic bouquets and table arrangements feature green stems, leaves, and greenery, but finding green flower isn't the easiest thing to do. Sometimes celebrants actually spray paint flowers like roses to turn them into exotic colors like green, but there are also some beautiful flowers that come in green without any need for artificial coloring.

Two flowers that come in green include cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas. Combining these two beautiful blooms along with purple hydrangeas creates quite an enchanting arrangement. Imagine these festive green arrangements paired with green tablecloths and decorations like streamers, balloons, and green-dyed beer for your party.

Cymbidium Delight

Cymbidium Delight

Green Plants for St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

If you're not inclined to use green flowers, you shouldn't have any trouble finding an accommodating plant. You might dress up the office with some ceramic dish gardens for employee desks or a dieffenbachia plant for the conference room.

Your dish gardens will make your St. Patrick's Day appropriately festive, but will then stick around as long as you want as a beautifully green addition to your office.

The Colors of Ireland

If you're looking for some colors that will remind you of Ireland, you might start with the country's official flag that features three vertical lines of green, white, and orange. Finding the green in your St. Patrick's Day arrangements won't be difficult, and you have many lush flowers available for the white and orange components.

A particularly beautiful addition to your St. Patrick's Day celebration might be a cube of orange lilies, roses, and gerbera daisies. Complete the picture of Ireland with cookies in the shape and colors of the Irish flag and some festive Guinness for the 21+ celebrants at your party.

Burst of Sunshine

Burst of Sunshine

Flowers that match the traditional colors of Ireland are perfect for an instant decorative boost for your St. Patrick's Day celebration. Find holiday-appropriate green flowers at your Los Angeles florist, or expand upon the Irish theme of your party with more traditional colors like orange and white.


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