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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

breast cancer awarenessEvery October people from all walks of life come together to remember the important fight that is involved with breast cancer. This devastating illness impacts thousands of people every year. The disease is so prevalent that it touches nearly everyone either as a patient themselves or a loved one of a patient.

During breast cancer awareness month, people work hard to teach others about the disease. Although most people know that the disease is common, they might not realize who is at risk or the types of screenings that are necessary. The awareness activities can help remind people to get their screenings done, and early detection helps to save lives.

The color pink has become the color to represent this type of activism and countless people show their support for the cause by using pink to decorate. At French Florist, we have met many people interested in finding the right arrangement to show their support for this wonderful cause. These arrangements can be kept in the home or given as gifts. Here are a few of our favorites.

breast cancer awareness

A Lot of Pink Petals

This beautiful arrangements includes stunning pink flowers like stargazer lilies, roses and altromerium lilies to create sea of pink. The flowers will be placed in a classic glass, rectangular vase, making it a wonderful choice for decorating a home or an office.

A Bud Vase of 3 Gorgeous Roses

The pink rose is a wonderful choice for October and breast cancer awareness. The simple beauty of the rose perfectly expresses love and admiration, which is a wonderful sentiment for the recipient. This classy design is sure to make any room look lovely.

Stargazer Beauty

Stargazer lilies are a popular favorite, and for good reason. These pink beauties are easily recognizable and offer a bold, rich color that helps to light up any space. In this arrangement, the stargazer lilies have been paired with spray roses to create the perfect complement. This arrangement will be very appreciated by any recipient and it will lend itself easily to the message of hope that October encompasses.

October is the perfect time to remember those fighting breast cancer as well those involved in the important task of raising awareness of the disease. Those interested in showing their support for this cause will appreciate receiving one of these gorgeous arrangements. If you do not see one that fits your needs, come on into French Florist for help finding the perfect bouquet.


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