5 Occasions Where Flowers are the Perfect Gift for Men


5 Occasions Where Flowers are the Perfect Gift for Men

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04 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson


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Giving flowers has been proven to strengthen bonds between the people who exchange them, regardless of gender. Sadly, funerals are often the first and only time many men will receive flowers. But everyone deserves to experience the immediate positive impact that receiving flowers has on your mood. Treat the men in your life to a floral arrangement - you would be surprised by how much it might mean to them.

Flowers don’t need an occasion - but every occasion can benefit from flowers. Here is a list of times when you shouldn’t be afraid to buy flowers for men. 


Probably the most obvious reason for giving flowers is a birthday, be it an average year or a milestone. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative when buying birthday flowers for men.

All of our handmade floral arrangements come in beautiful glass vases - so why not choose one to be the centerpiece for a surprise birthday party, and select the rest of the decorations around the color scheme? If you know what he will be wearing you could even pick flowers that will complement his outfit. If there is a specific flower you want to be included in your arrangement, we are always happy to accommodate this wherever possible - if he has ever mentioned a preference for a particular flower, now is the time to show him you listen.

If you’re stuck on which blooms to choose, a popular choice of flowers to say happy birthday to both men and women are orchids, as they are unique and eye-catching. 

Father’s Day

Not all Father’s Day gifts have to be gadgets or serve a practical purpose. Thinking that men can’t enjoy a gift purely for aesthetic reasons and physical beauty is dated - so why not buy him some flowers? Not purely used to signify romantic love, but also the selfless love you find in parenthood, roses of all colors will be appreciated on Father’s Day.

Flowers are an excellent choice of gift for occasions where you might not be able to be together on the day. Special occasions spent apart are always bittersweet, especially a day that should be spent with a parent - but a delivery of beautiful flowers to let them know that you’re thinking of them will definitely brighten their day. Our freshness guarantee means that anyone receiving delivery of Father’s Day flowers will be wowed by the quality and vibrancy of our blooms. 

Get Well

Never is someone more in need of good wishes and positive thoughts than when they’re sick, especially if they are having to spend time in hospital. Time spent in the hospital can be isolating and depressing, which in turn can make recovery even harder. We take great care in delivering to hospitals - this includes contacting the hospital directly to confirm they are able to receive flowers.

Tulips are a great choice for get-well flowers as their low pollen count makes them less likely to cause allergy flare-ups. Yellow tulips are associated with positive thoughts and cheerfulness. Green flowers are also often seen in get-well arrangements, as green symbolizes renewal and good health. Both of these colors are what traditional standards could define as gender neutral, and can be good options for men who may not appreciate pinks or purples.


Some of the occasions most associated with flowers are those connected to loss and bereavement, whether they be arrangements made for the funeral or sympathy flowers for the bereaved. The reason why funeral flowers are so often made into wreaths is that the circle represents eternal life. Flowers themselves are also a symbol of life, as well as remembrance.

While you should always be mindful of religious practices when ordering flowers for someone who has lost someone, or as part of funeral decorations, flowers will almost always go appreciated as a thoughtful gesture. There are no specific funeral flowers for men, as this is a situation where more than ever the choice is down to the individual’s preferences. White flowers such as lilies are always a popular choice, as white represents purity and faith. 

Congratulations & Celebrations!

Let's finish on a high. Send flowers to men as a celebration for successfully achieving a milestone, like getting a new job, launching a company, or just winning in life. 
When you're on a high because of a success in your life, there's nothing better than a burst of color to act as a reminder each time you walk through the room where the vase is placed. A bouquet of flowers is like a trophy to reward you for your efforts.

Let him know with flowers

Whatever the occasion, no matter the mood, flowers will let him know that you’re thinking of him. Order flowers for that special man from French Florist by 2 pm for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles.


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