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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

National Puppy Day

We love the joy and companionship that animals bring to our lives. It is estimated that approximately 75 million dogs and 85 million cats are kept as pets. However, the problems involved with strays, overpopulation, and abandonment are very real issues as well. Shelters are full, and unfortunately, many animals are necessarily euthanized approximately 2.7 million animals a year, 1.4 million of which are dogs. National Puppy Day was instituted 10 years ago as a way to bring attention to the need for animal lovers to adopt and rescue puppies from shelters, as opposed to buying from puppy mills.  Of course, adopting older dogs saves lives as well, and is especially poignant as abandoned adult dogs are often very sad and confused about their situation. National Puppy Day
National Puppy Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank all of the caring people who work to save these animals, nurse them back to health if necessary, and go to great lengths to find them loving homes. Here at French Florist, we even have a floral bouquet designed specifically for the veterinarian who took care of Little Jo, owner Steve's dog. If you wish to thank the shelter workers or pet professionals who have loved your puppy as much as you do, a floral arrangement or green plant is a wonderful gesture.

Did You Know? Animals from rescue shelters are often the kindest, happiest animals you can bring into your home. Happy to have a forever home, they are also usually well socialized and fit in well with your family and other pets.

On National Puppy Day, organizers urge people to consider adopting a puppy. If that is not possible, they suggest making a small donation to a local Los Angeles no-kill shelter to support their work. French Florist is happy to create a custom arrangement for any occasion large or small. Give us a call, we love celebrating all your family members, whether human or canine!


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