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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

National Friendship Day

This month, countries around the world recognize National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day (both celebrated on the first Sunday in August). The fact that both of the observances fall on the same day is completely appropriate, as each recognizes those relationships who helped us to become the adults we are today. For those who grew up experiencing a close sister connection, or a positive bond with a close friend, imagining life without them is inconceivable. Mark your calendar August 6 gives us the perfect opportunity to thank them for all they have meant to us.

You can rely on French Florist to provide the most beautiful floral creations to make their day.  national friendship day The Story of Flowers: Many flowers have meanings which infuse a bouquet with a deeper meaning. For instance, red roses signify true love and romance, and are universally accepted as the official flower of Valentine's Day.  Similarly, friendship has a floral ambassador as well the yellow rose is the perfect flower to represent friendship, sisterhood, and loyalty.

However, giving her a bouquet of her favorite flowers is a great idea as well think hydrangea, orchids, roses, or any other bloom which makes her smile.

Best friends and sisters both have critical roles to play in our lives from teaching us how to interact with different people, to how to be benevolent, deal with difficult situations, and figure out our life's goals. These strong connections give us security, optimism and confidence, and studies show that having a close sister bond even helps safeguard us against sadness.

For National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day, and for every special occasion French Florist is your Los Angeles floral connection


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