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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

mother-in-law day flowersFirst celebrated in Amarillo, Texas on March 5, 1934, Mother-in-Law Day was initiated and promoted by the local Amarillo newspaper's editor. Today, Mother-in-Law Day is recognized annually on the fourth Sunday of each October. Although the holiday has not yet been made official, meaning it has not been officially recognized by the United States Federal Government, its popularity has taken hold across the nation. With celebrations modeled after those observed on Mother's Day and Father's Day, Mother-in-Law Day is meant to be set aside as a day to show your mother-in-law how much you love and appreciate her. It is a day for honoring the person who raised the man or woman you love most in the world, your spouse.

Popular culture has unfortunately given mothers-in-law a bad reputation, placing them at the punch line of many jokes. Most sons and daughters-in-law, however, enjoy positive relationships with their mothers-in-law. Mother-in-Law Day presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the bond you share with your own. This October, many families will celebrate their mothers-in-law with family dinners, special activities, gifts like candy and jewelry, and by giving flowers.

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Pink Sensation

When selecting flowers for Mother-in-Law Day, should choose a bouquet which complements your mother-in-law's personality. We have a wide selection of artful arrangements designed to please everyone, but the more you can personalize a floral gift, the better. Does your mother-in-law have a favorite color? She does she prefer playful design or elegance? Consider her home's decor and the way she dresses. By reflecting this style in a bouquet, you will choose the perfect flowers for Mother-in-Law Day. We have a variety of elegant arrangements like our Pink Sensation bouquet which features a timeless variety of roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, and more woven with a pretty gossamer ribbon. We also offer an assortment of arrangements featuring a contemporary style such as our Blushing Blooms bouquet which includes a compact assortment of brightly colored cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, tulips, and roses gathered in a greenery-lined vase. For a mother-in-law who enjoys spending time in the garden, a Blooming Garden makes the perfect gift.

mother-in-law day blushing blooms

Blushing Blooms

However your family celebrates Mother-in-Law Day, our flower experts at French Florist can help you choose an arrangement from our wide selection of bouquets which your mother-in-law is sure to love. We wish you and your family a happy Mother-in-Law Day filled with love, friendship, and warm memories.



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