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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

More than any other season, Fall calls for a change of decor both outside and in. What we put in our flower beds, around our front door, on the porch or out back is dictated by the weather or the time of year (likely the latter, in our temperate climate). When Autumn hits, we invest in pumpkins, Croton plants, Halloween decorations and rustic cornucopias. Our mantels are filled with gourds and candles, while our tablescapes incline toward harvest hues that make us want to gather round. French Florist loves to announce the change of season through our floral decor, and in Fall's case, there's nothing more timely than the marvelous mum.

We often crowd our doorsteps and walkways with container mums in Fall ' you know, those lush plants with the golden blooms that look so cheerful from the street. But there are a wide variety of mums out there, many of which are used in elegant indoor arrangements meant for the table or as a bouquet gift. Put mums alongside other flowers in a design, and the whole look is enhanced. Take our Fall Fantasy, for example:

Fall Fantasy - Fall Flowers - Los Angeles Flowers

This modern, stylish bouquet epitomizes Fall's grace. The yellow spider mums nestled in between hydrangea, lilies, tulips and fall leaves add texture and interest. This statement centerpiece could work for a Fall dinner party, a special occasion gift or as a Thanksgiving floral. And we're more than happy here at French Florist to match you up with some marvelous mums.


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