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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Is there a more beautiful holiday than Thanksgiving?

We at French Florist don't mean the glorious feast, polished silver and antique china, or the heirloom linens and taper candles casting a warm glow. We mean the faces gathered around the table, and the sense of warmth and abundance created in our homes as we gather for one day together to count our blessings. Everything else is just a cherry on top. We think such an occasion deserves a floral centerpiece that speaks right to the spirit of Thanksgiving. And thankfully, weve got those centerpieces.

As youre prepping and organizing for the big day, spend some time considering the flowers you want at the heart of the table. Look for something that reflects the prosperity and richness of the season, and in particular this day. There's no better way to do that than to choose a centerpiece that's lavish with the blooms and hues of Fall. We love our Thanksgiving Luxe for just this reason.

The volume of flowers here speaks, well, volumes to the spirit of Thanksgiving. Generously textured and scented, this arrangement is gorgeous to look at and a bit of a conversation piece, as all good centerpieces are. Place it in the spotlight on your table and everything around it is immediately elevated. Thanksgiving Luxe Centerpiece

If youd prefer to spread the beauty around, consider doing a trio of bouquets down the center of your table, or, if you have several tables, place one at each to create unity in the room. We like our  Roses, Lilies, Tulips, Galore! design for that. It's just as luxe and Fall-feeling as its more sizable contemporaries, but gives off a feeling of lightness.

There are so many drop-dead gorgeous centerpieces to choose from this Thanksgiving, and at French Florist, were sure to have the right one for you.


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