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What are the best last-minute gift ideas?


What are the best last-minute gift ideas?

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14 Dec 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Don't panic
Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

With many of us leading such busy lives, remembering friends and family members’ special occasions isn’t always easy. Suddenly, somebody’s birthday has arrived, and you’ve not sent them a gift or a card. We’ve all done it, and the frantic search for a last-minute gift can lead to poor choices just so the recipient doesn’t think they’ve been forgotten.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the world.

What are some good last-minute gift ideas?

It can be tough selecting a last-minute gift for somebody that doesn’t appear to be a last-minute choice. If the recipient receives a gift that appears rushed and careless, then it won’t mean as much as a gift that has had a lot of thought put into it.

For a gift to be last-minute, delivery needs to be fast. A couple of days of shipping may not even be enough, so same-day delivery is necessary. Some gifts that you can receive on the same day include:

  • Digital gift card - Gift cards are versatile and enable the recipient to choose their gift at one of their favorite retailers, which will be delivered a week or so after the occasion. Digital gift cards can be emailed instantly but lose that personal touch.

  • Cash - Everyone loves to be given cash, but it’s the easiest and least thoughtful gift.

  • Streaming subscription payment - streaming services provide great entertainment, so paying for a month (or more) to a subscription platform like Netflix or Disney+ will provide any cinephile with plenty to watch. But there’s a risk they’re already subscribed to the service.

  • Flowers - Like us at French Florist, a local florist can design beautiful bouquets for any occasion, with same-day delivery available. Flowers are a fantastic gift that showcases your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Why are flowers such a great last-minute gift?

Beautiful flowers for a gift

You can't go wrong with flowers for a big and bold last-minute gift. But what makes flowers such a fantastic choice?


Flowers are versatile, so whatever the occasion, there is always a bouquet that fits. Whether it’s a birthday, a new baby or you want to wish someone congratulations, the different meanings of flowers can represent a wide range of feelings.


Flowers come in all kinds of wonderful shapes and sizes, from big and colorful hydrangeas to delicate and exotic orchids. Certain flowers have powerful meanings, such as roses representing deep love.


Flowers are thoughtful and caring, unlike many other last-minute gift choices. That means, even though you may have only ordered the gift a few hours before, the recipient will be none the wiser.

Same-day delivery

Using a local florist such as French Florist, same-day flower delivery is available across LA. So, if you order before 2 pm that certain someone never has to know you left things last-minute.

What flowers make for a good last-minute gift?

The flowers you choose as a gift depend on the occasion you’re looking to celebrate. 

  • You may want to gift roses or tulips for an anniversary, as both symbolize deep love.
  • For last-minute birthday gifts, why not treat the recipient to multi-colored flowers that will brighten their day? 
  • For a new baby, orchids are low-maintenance, eye-catching, and allergy-friendly.

Looking to order flowers as a last-minute gift?

With same-day flower delivery available locally across LA, French Florist can design showstopping bouquets that won’t even hint at being a last-minute choice. Order stunning flowers online today.


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