Hypoallergenic Flowers for New Babies


Hypoallergenic Flowers for New Babies

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22 Nov 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Sneezing baby
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When a new baby enters the world, it’s a cause for celebration. Whether the new parents are family, friends, a co-worker or even a neighbor, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a touching and thoughtful gift to welcome the new addition.

But what are the best flowers to give to new parents? Of course, choosing the right color is a major consideration, but did you know that some of the best new baby flowers are hypoallergenic?

Why are hypoallergenic flowers best for new babies?

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When parents bring home a new baby it will take them some time to understand and establish that baby’s needs - that includes any potential allergies the baby may have. In the US, 7% of children have hay fever - an allergy to pollen - which can be aggravated by certain flowers.

Hypoallergenic flowers have low pollen or pollen that is more sticky. This means there’s less chance of the pollen becoming airborne and affecting someone who has an allergy - including newborn babies.

What are some of the best hypoallergenic flowers?

Just because a flower is hypoallergenic it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty or elegance. In fact, many of the flowers you may hope to gift for a new baby are hypoallergenic. These include:


Roses are known far and wide as a flower that represents love. Not only are roses stunning, but thanks to their low pollen they’re also hypoallergenic.


Representing deep love, tulips are a fantastic spring flower to welcome home a new baby. They’re also versatile, fitting a range of occasions, and thanks to their low pollen count they’re great for new babies.


Not only are orchids stunning hypoallergenic flowers, but they’re also low maintenance, so parents can focus on their new baby and not have to worry about their gift.


Hydrangeas produce sticky pollen, which means it doesn’t become airborne as easily. They’re also big, colorful, and welcoming, making them a great gift for new parents and babies.

Are white flowers a good choice for a new baby?

White roses
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White flowers represent a wide range of meanings and emotions, including purity and innocence. This makes them a wonderful and neutral choice for new baby flowers, with each of the four flowers above coming in white and other similar neutral tones.

What about multi-colored or traditional pink and blue bouquets?

White flowers aren't your only option when it comes to color. Traditionally, pink flowers have been given to mark the birth of a girl, and blue to mark the birth of a boy. However, it’s becoming much more common to discard these stereotypically gendered colors and opt for something with a variety of colors.

Multi-colored flowers are eye-catching and versatile, and bring life to any room. As well as white and muted shades, the flowers we highlighted above also come in a variety of bold and bright colors. This means there are always hypoallergenic flowers available to welcome the birth of a new baby.

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