Veterans Day


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

It's that time again. No, we're not talking about Thanksgiving. We're talking about Veterans Day, a holiday we've celebrated in some form or another since November 11, 1919, when it was conceived as 'Armistice Day' and intended to remember the end of WWI the year before. Since then, 'Armistice' has been replaced with 'veterans,' and we've turned our attention to acknowledging the many brave U.S. military who have served to protect and defend our country.

At French Florist, we think honoring Veterans Day with flowers is the best way to personally extend your gratitude to that special vet (or vets) in your life.

Because this is such a meaningful day, it's worth it to select a floral arrangement that will really resonate with the recipient. A piece like Sunflowers & Succulents achieves a few things on that end. The scale is perfect, not overwhelming or showy, which keeps the attention on the deserving vet you're sending it to and feels more intimate. Blue hydrangea work in one of the colors of the American flag (a color that also symbolizes loyalty), while the sunflowers will appeal to both male and female recipients. Curly willow over top keeps this seasonally appropriate, and the succulents tucked in will last for a very long time, just like your gratitude.

Sunflowers & Succulents - Los Angeles, CA - SameDay Delivery

Showing consideration for our veterans is something we do as a community through parades, observations and parties. But this is exactly the sort of poignant occasion where flowers can say what words can't. We at French Florist join you in honoring our military veterans this November 11.


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