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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

We here at French Florist want to give you a taste of what's filling the pages (and our shelves) of our Holiday Gift Guide, a curated collection of elegant seasonal blooms in an array of striking designs. While it's hard to narrow down just a couple for your viewing pleasure, weve done it, picking two stellar examples of what we mean when we say holiday flowers.

Winter holiday flower purchases are the biggest of the year, representing 30% of all holiday flower sales. No other holiday (were looking at you, Valentine's Day) even comes close. And it makes sense. We dress our tables, doors, mantels, workplaces and even the front stoop with florals and greens, unable to imagine passing the season without bringing in some of its beautiful blooms and vibrant greens. We can express so much about the holidays through our flowers, as Holiday In The Snow demonstrates.

Here orchids, roses and holly branches come together to make a sweet, stunning impact, bare winter branches rising overhead. Holiday flowers can be luxurious and glam or appear elegantly rustic, as in our An Elegant Box Of Holiday Flowers, which spills forth a bounty of blooms in the colors of Christmas. This centerpiece has enough polish for the holiday table but feels approachable, too.

Browse our guide in full for even more looks. It won't be hard to find something for everyone, flower-wise, this season. We promise.


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