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Halloween Flowers for Luxurious Bouquets & Arrangement Ideas


Halloween Flowers for Luxurious Bouquets & Arrangement Ideas

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27 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Halloween and fall flowers
Halloween Flowers

As the nights draw in and temperatures begin to drop, embrace the seasonal shift with carefully chosen flowers. 

Halloween Flower Bouquets That Suit the Mood

When you think of Halloween, the first things that come to mind are probably a combination of ghosts, ghouls, scary movies, pumpkins, and an overabundance of candy. There is still room for the brightness and beauty of fresh flowers among all of the horror and hijinks - in fact, there are lots of ways to keep them on-theme.

Why not inject some magic into your Halloween flower selection? Flowers have been used for spells and charms for as long as they have bloomed. Whether or not you believe in the powers they’re said to hold, you have nothing to lose when the properties they might provide are so pleasant. Here are some charming choices of flowers that may enchant you in more ways than one:

  • Carnations, such as the ones used in some of our purple flower arrangements, are said to bring courage and good health. This isn’t surprising, considering their historic ceremonial use, or the fact that they were thought to treat fevers

  • Daisies have been used in the past as symbols of joy and protection - the gorgeous gerbera daisies in our red flower arrangements may not keep the tricksters out this Halloween, but they will certainly bring joy.

  • Lilies, like the ones found in some of our yellow flower arrangements, are said to go one step further and specifically ward off ghosts and bad spirits, and even break spells that may have been placed on you by others.

Halloween Dinner Party Arrangement Ideas

Halloween Dinner Party
Photo by coincidence on Unsplash 

If you’re setting a table for your loved ones, be it a long-awaited date night or dinner party for friends and family, you’ll want your chosen display to reflect not only your taste and floral expertise, but also the time of year. 

Fall colors blend nicely into winter ones, so any flower displays chosen at this time of year should be picked with longevity in mind. You could even go as far as to dry your Halloween flowers and use them to decorate come Christmas time, reflecting the passing of the seasons. 

Here is some inspiration for seasonal arrangements to take you from your Halloween banquet to your Christmas feast in style.

The Deep Reds of Love & Romance

Red halloween flowers
Photo by Food Photographer on Unsplash 

Why not take some inspiration from everyone’s favorite creepy couple, Gomez and Morticia Addams, and make your Halloween flower arrangement a romantic one? Whether you prefer blood-red roses or deathly pale lilies, there’s magnificence to be found in the macabre. Add candlelight, put on some music, and let the heady scents of your chosen floral display intoxicate you as you sink your fangs into an evening for two. 

The Warm Fall Glow of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Flowers
Photo by Juliette F on Unsplash 

Despite it being the time of year when it starts to get colder, fall colors are some of the brightest found in the natural world. Hues of red, orange and yellow are a great way to encapsulate the essence of this time of year, and an arrangement with flowers in these shades is perfect for decorating your Thanksgiving table. These arrangements use things such as pumpkin branches and other seasonal foliage to really accentuate the autumnal vibes.

The Sumptuousness of Christmas

Christmas Flowers
Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash 

Christmas is just around the corner - no matter the time of year, depending on how much preparation you need, it can always feel just around the corner. It’s a time of plenty; plentiful food, plentiful generosity, and plentiful love. A beautiful floral centerpiece is a must for every Christmas table, and ours utilize plenty of gorgeous festive elements - from flora such as holly and evergreens to adornments like ribbons and candles.

Get Your Halloween Flowers with Same or Next Day Delivery

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