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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Halloween Flowers As kids, Halloween one of the most exciting nights of the year. The customs, the costumes, the candy we looked forward to this occasion all year long! Now that we are adults, we celebrate a little differently, but we still love decorating and getting together with friends and family. At French's Florist, weve designed Halloween flowers inspired by the holiday which are guaranteed to infuse the 'spirit of the season into your home.
Warm up your home with this cozy arrangement of Asiatic lilies, roses, orchids all nestled into a classic cube. For your home, for a hostess gift, or for the front desk at the office, this may be the perfect seasonal choice.

Halloween flowers Did You Know? Carving pumpkins was a tradition long before Halloween was established. Carved pumpkin and gourd lanterns were utilized for illumination by night watchmen, and the term jack olantern first implied the person holding the lantern (jack of the lantern).  At some point in history, the title shifted to the lantern and it is now one of our most beloved pieces of Halloween tradition.

Trick or Treat!   Centuries ago, the practice of 'souling saw the poor going door to door begging for food. Trick-or-treating may have evolved from there. In the 1930's, in an attempt to steer mischief makers away from playing tricks, the tradition of asking for candy instead began.

Whether you will be hosting a party or welcoming costumed children to your door, the beautiful fall florals from French Florist are the best way to transform your home into an autumn landscape. From orange lilies to bright sunflowers, we have the designs that you will love. In Los Angeles, all the Halloween flowers and treats are right here.


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