Grandparents Day


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

grandparents day flowers

A recent report revealed that over 75% of grandparents considered their role in the family as the best experience of their life. Moreover, they are a proud group 90% of them admitted to talking about their grandchildren every single day, to any audience they could find!  There is no denying that grandparents cherish their grandchildren, and anyone who grew up with a loving Nana or Pop-Pop knows the feeling is mutual.

In fact, studies prove that children whose childhood included the presence of an involved grandparent  were more confident and secure as adults. Overall, they had a greater sense of well-being and were more likely to take chances and be adventurous. This is likely attributed to the safety net which a legacy and family history provides assuring children of their place in the world.  This is the dynamic which we celebrate on National Grandparents Day. When looking for Grandparents Day flowers, look no further than French Florist. grandparents day flowers

Family Ties: Grandparents Day celebrates the mutual benefit of the grandparent / grandchild relationship. However, the birth of a grandchild also appears to assist families to navigate relationships in general, as adult children often experience an improved relationship with their own parents when they become parents themselves.

Cookies and a Few Dollars: It's no secret that grandparents spoil their grandkids. But you may be surprised to hear the extent of the lavishness grandparents expend close to $52 billion per year on gifts for the kids, and nearly $32 billion annually to help with education costs.

Traditional Family Structure: Although in years gone by multi-generational living was the norm, in recent decades that custom was greatly minimized here in America. However, researchers are now finding that nearly 40% of homes once again have a grandparent in residence, a positive trend for family dynamics.

If you are looking to thank your grandparents for all the joy that they bring to your life, Grandparent Days flowers from French Florist are a beautiful beginning.

We also have green plants and gifts which your grandfather will love! So whether they live with you here in the Los Angeles area, or if they live across the country   French Florist understands how special they are to you. Browse our online Grandparents Day collection, send some flowers, then give them a call to tell them you love having them in your life youll make their day!




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