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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

graduation flowersMany of the customs associated with graduation day originated in the Middle Ages; when the ritual represented a ceremonial rite of passage. In the 12th century, only the church provided education; scholastic monks wore clergy robes and delivered Latin sermons as they moved from schooling to religious life. To this day, graduates wear gowns and deliver orations, although, in modern times, only one or two select people are chosen to speak.

This year in the U.S., 3 million students will graduate from nearly 4,500 colleges and universities; and another 3 million high school students will walk across a stage to a podium to receive their well-earned diploma. This is a moment of great pride for graduates and their families alike and remains a dignified ritual steeped in tradition even as centuries have gone by.

graduation flowers graduation flowers

From as early as ancient Greece and Rome, messages and sentiments have been conveyed through the language of flowers. Knowing the classic meanings behind each variety of bloom will permit you to give an arrangement both striking and thoughtfully personal. For instance, these unique orange roses communicate Im proud of you, and are a surprising and appropriate bouquet to give as a gift. Other flowers you may choose to send a graduation day message are the purple iris, which speaks to wisdom; gladioli and laurels, which are associated with victory and strength; the magnolia flower, which celebrates perseverance; and yellow roses, which recognize achieving a high level of distinction.

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