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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

grandparents dayGrandparent?s Day is an opportunity to show our treasured elders how much we appreciate them. How are you going to celebrate Grandparent?s Day this year?

The Grandparent?s Day holiday falls on the Sunday after Labor Day and provides a time for showing appreciation for our grandparents. This holiday was established officially by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. However, it was actually inspired by a woman named Marian McQuade. Her family had already been blessed with many generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and she felt other grandparents like herself would appreciate a special holiday.

Celebrating Grandparent?s Day With Flowers

Flowers are a universal symbol of love, appreciation and care. Giving flowers is an excellent way to celebrate Grandparent?s Day and honor our grandparents, who give us so much unconditional love.

Sunflowers. The regal sunflower exudes positive energy as it shines like the sun. It makes an impact like few other flowers and is excellent for late summer and early autumn gift giving. The sunflower can be sent in a large bouquet as the ?center of attention,? or blended with other flowers for a colorful, radiant effect.

Lilies. Lilies are elegant, distinctive and awe-inspiring. They signify hope, positivity and they bring a fresh energy to any room. The beautiful lily is also available in a range of styles and colors, including the pink and white stargazer lily, exotic orange Asiatic lilies, and white or pastel trumpet-like calla lilies.

grandparents day
Roses. The rose is universally known as a symbol of love, affection and care, and it comes in a rainbow of colors to appeal to any taste and style. Consider giving a bouquet that will accent your grandparents? home perfectly, or surprise them with a mixed color bouquet.

Orchids. Orchids are a popular tropical bloom that immediately bring beauty, elegance and grace to the room. Different species of orchids can showcase different energies and looks due to varied styles and colors. The dendrobium orchid blooms with an abundance of detailed flowers, while the phalaenopsis orchid is known for its elegant tall stalk topped with bright flowers. Giving a potted orchid will allow your grandparents to enjoy these blooms throughout the year.

Everyone loves getting flowers for a special occasion, so why not surprise your grandparents with a bright bouquet or potted flower this year? Whether you?ll be meeting them out for a social event and want to bring a gift or you?ll be sending your appreciation from across the miles, flowers are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

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