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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Give the Gift of Violets Los AngelesIn many ways, violets are the unsung hero of the floral world. While they are diminutive in size and stature, they nonetheless have a powerful impact when given as a gift. They can also be used as a lovely accent flower in a variety of scenarios. The understated violet symbolizes humility and pure beginnings; it also stands for steadfastness and faithfulness in a relationship. Clearly, violet has profound and significant meaning if you look past the surface. The violet also has a rich and storied history.

Ancient Origins and Present-Day Meanings

The violet was prevalent in Greek mythology, an integral part of myths involving Artemis (also known as Diana, the hunter), and her brother, Apollo. The violet symbolized purity and chastity and was used as a means of cultivating virtue both in Greek stories and throughout Greek culture. The violet was heralded and celebrated in a number of ways, even being used in perfumes, aphrodisiacs and love potions. Ancient Romans were said to have made wine out of the violet's fragrant essence.

Today in America, the violet has been adopted as the state flower by no less than four states. Not surprisingly, it is also the national flower of Greece. The violet is also the birth flower for the month of February, so it has special significance for those who were born during the second month of the year.

Blooming Spring Garden Los Angeles, CA

Blooming Spring Garden

The African Violet

One of the most popular and well-received species of the violet as a gift item is the African violet. With soft, velvety green leaves and rich, purple delicate blooms, it makes a delightful gift for just about any occasion. The African violet is easy to care for as well; it requires minimal watering and thrives in low to moderate sunlight.

An African Violet Basket is a great way to gift the lovely African violet to someone you care about. This planter can feature violets in purple, pink and white depending upon availability, providing lovely variety for the recipient.

A number of spring flowers look beautiful in combination with the violet. Consider giving a Blooming Spring Garden, which blends violets with spring blooms like kalanchoe, mums and touches of moss and ivy.

If you really want to win them over, give a gorgeous Blooming Garden Basket. This artful arrangement features African violets along with roses, azaleas and lush greenery.

Violets are an excellent gift choice for birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries and just about any special occasion. Contact the French Florist for more creative ideas or to place your order.



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