Flower Gifts


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

We lead such crazy busy lives that it's easy to forget to do little things to take care of ourselves. With family and work in the forefront of everything we do, self-care is never a consideration in anything we do. At French Florist, we believe in the importance of self-care, and we encourage our Los Angeles area customers to think about giving themselves the gift of flowers.

If manicures and pedicures have always been the treat you give yourself when you're in the mood for pampering; maybe it's time to try something new. Doesn't the novelty of the special feeling you get while enjoying a manicure or pedicure die out when it's something you do out of habit or a sense of ritual? Next time you're thinking about pampering yourself or rewarding yourself for anything or nothing at all, consider giving yourself the gift of flowers. A Cloud of Pink Blooms is a delightful arrangement that consists of a variety of pink flowers in various shades that range from light to hot pink.

We encourage you to think about pampering yourself from time to time. Life's chaos often forces us to consider other people and other things before ourselves. We don't stop to think about the fact that we're not doing our best for the people who rely on us when we're tired and burned out. You can always count on French Florist to help you choose the freshest seasonal flowers and to turn a bunch of single stems into a show-stopping display that will brighten your spirits and warm your heart.


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