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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

easter flowersSpring is here, and we couldn't be more excited! Everywhere around us are signs of the new season. It is an unspoken realization that springtime brings with it new hopes, dreams and inspiration we feel reinvigorated, simply by the sunshine and our time spent outside. We redecorate, we de-clutter, and we spring clean with windows flung wide open. Adorning a home with classic spring flowers, such as tulips, irises and lilies, is a popular way to bring all the new life of spring indoors there is no denying their ability to lift our spirits.



Of course, Easter is well known for baskets baskets of colored eggs, baskets of chocolate and jelly beans, and baskets of fresh cut wildflowers. Dating back centuries, baskets have played a part in many springtime rituals and celebrations. In the Middle East, grain and seed were collected in baskets leading up to the vernal equinox, when they celebrated the end of winter's long reign. Centuries later, Christians observed the end of the Lenten season by filling baskets with food to be consumed when the seasonal fasting was over. Of course, the Easter Bunny is rumored to deliver goody-filled baskets to our children on Easter morning.

easter flowers

Baskets are a great gift at Easter, because not only will they fit right into your home dcor, they can also be moved outside to decks and patios as the weather improves. Expertly created to feature all the beauty that spring has to offer, the baskets and bouquets from French's Florist are sure to be a hit with all of your family and friends.



French Florist is Los Angeles premier florist; and our professional designers and floral experts are eager to create unique Easter bouquets for any occasion. As a gift, a centerpiece for your holiday meal, or to grace your home flowers make any day more special.


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