Flowers That Mean Love for Every Woman & Girl in Your Life


Flowers That Mean Love for Every Woman & Girl in Your Life

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13 Oct 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Women with flowers
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There have always been strong connections between flowers and femininity; in art, literature, and even science. Combine that with the proven links between receiving flowers and feeling good, and it’s no wonder that there are very few events in a woman’s life that aren’t celebrated with flowers. 

The best flowers to give a woman? Whatever flowers she wants

Learning someone’s favorite flower is a quick way to ensure you have a gift for them for life. If you don’t already know the preferred flowers of the important ladies in your life, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to present them with a bouquet.

We think that the best flowers to give a woman are flowers that have been chosen with love and arranged with care. Our bestsellers are bound to impress and place you firmly in the recipient’s good books. And if she mentions an appreciation for a specific flower? You know what to ask for when you order from us next.

The best flowers for mom should be elaborate

Mothers and mother figures are one true backbone of our society and deserve to be treated as such. Flowers are the perfect way to acknowledge your mom and all that you feel about her - and she’ll think of you every time she sees them.

While you don’t need a reason, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to splash out on a show-stopping centerpiece and really wow her. Some of the best flowers for Mother’s Day happen to be ones that bloom in May, the same time the day falls. Why not try the Designer Choice and let one of our expert florists create a seasonal floral arrangement that is as spectacular and unique as your mom?

Make an impression when trying to “get the girl”

The age-old concept of using flowers during courtship wouldn’t still be around today if it didn’t work so well. While we’re not suggesting that you bribe people into dating you with an endless stream of flowers, a carefully-timed delivery can be a classy way of letting someone know how you feel, and that you’re invested in where the relationship is headed.

If you’re looking to impress a girl, or anyone else for that matter, and take the next step in your relationship, one of our luxury arrangements could be the answer.

Flowers for your girlfriend to show your love

Congratulations; you’re in a relationship. Don’t think this means your flower-giving days are over - in fact, the opposite is true.

Of all the symbolic meanings that have been assigned to flowers, flowers that mean love are probably the most sought-after. Whether it’s celebrating an event or milestone together, or simply as a thoughtful surprise, flowers for your girlfriend should inspire feelings of romance and let her know that you appreciate her.

Roses are a classic choice and will always be a symbol of love - but if red roses feel too conventional to you, why not opt for orange? Orange roses can symbolize enthusiasm and intense feelings - things that relationships have in abundance!

Picking flowers for a new baby girl

Flowers have always had strong ties with fertility and new life, so it’s not a surprise that they’re often given when welcoming a little one into the world. Keep in mind, when giving flowers to celebrate a new baby there are some important things to consider.

Even though the flowers are to acknowledge the new arrival, it is the mother who will really be the one to appreciate them, so make sure you’re catering to mom’s taste. Maybe she doesn’t like traditionally gendered colors, or maybe she specifically wants flowers that will complement the nursery - don’t be afraid to do your research, even if it takes some of the surprises out of the gift. 

If you’re looking for flowers for your baby and her mom, don’t forget we’re able to deliver directly to the hospital, for an extra special surprise.

Flowers for your daughter on special milestones

Our children provide us with endless reasons to feel proud. Recognizing their achievements is so important, and flowers are the perfect way to make them feel special and seen.

Maybe your daughter has just passed a difficult exam she’s studied a long time for. Presenting her with a dazzling bouquet of flowers will make her face light up, and let her know just how proud you are of her and her hard work. 

If you need to wait to find the outcome of a situation before you get your daughter some flowers, such as a job interview or a sports event, take advantage of our same-day delivery service.

Never disappoint with birthday flowers for her

There are lots of ways to incorporate flowers into birthday celebrations, and lots of things you can draw inspiration from when selecting which flowers to use. 

Birth month flowers are an obvious choice, such as daisies for April, or roses for June. Our expert florists only include flowers that are in their prime in our arrangements, so seasonal choices always work beautifully. Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to one kind of flower - if roses are her birth flower, but you know she also loves lilies, there’s nothing stopping you from opting for an arrangement that contains both. 

If you plan to buy her flowers for her birthday but don’t know what her birth month flower is, take a look at our FAQs.

Get well flowers for her when she’s feeling low

Flowers are appropriate for both happy and not-so-happy occasions. Whether she’s going through a rough patch during a long-term illness, or simply having an off day, fresh flowers can provide a little burst of light during a tough time. Without being overbearing, or claiming to be able to solve all of her problems, flowers are a thoughtful expression of affection that might just make her feel better.

Did you know that different colors are believed to have different effects on your mood and health? This may be something to consider when choosing your get-well flowers. Whether or not you believe blue is soothing, or that yellow is purifying, it is still an extra layer of thought going into your gift - something that is bound to be appreciated. 

Anniversary flowers for your wife will always hit the spot

Flowers are a great gift to acknowledge an annual event, such as an anniversary. Different years are symbolized by different flowers, which you can find in our anniversary flowers FAQs. Why not tie this in with the year’s anniversary material? For example, fifteen years is represented by crystal - why not splash out on a crystal designer vase to house your arrangement?

However, we would always encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to romantic floral gifts. Why not fill the house with colorful rose petals as part of your anniversary decorations - this is perfect for when you’ve prepared a special anniversary meal at home and want to create a romantic ambience.

When buying funeral flowers for mom, choose her favorites

Flowers have always been considered incredibly emotive elements of nature. The placing of flowers on burial sites is thought to be one of the oldest documented human rituals - and for an occasion that is all about the celebration of life, it’s easy to see how the delicate beauty of flowers inspires intense feelings. 

When choosing funeral flowers for a close relative such as your mother, use this time to draw on fond memories. Pick her favorites, and any flowers that remind you of times spent together - for as much as you’re buying flowers for her, you can also find catharsis for yourself in the process.

If you’re ordering sympathy flowers to send to someone else, but are struggling to find the right words for the card, our empathetic and experienced team are on hand to help - feel free to reach out with any questions or for more details.

We want to be your florist for life

Order flowers for all the women and girls in your life from French Florist for delivery nationwide, or by 2 pm for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles.



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