What Are the Best Flowers for a New Baby Girl?


What Are the Best Flowers for a New Baby Girl?

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22 Nov 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Baby girl
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When a friend or family member gives birth to a beautiful baby girl it’s cause for a huge celebration. A new baby is a wonderful addition to a family and one that should be marked with a special and thoughtful gesture.

A kind and generous way to celebrate the new arrival is with a stunning bouquet. Flowers that are big, bold, and full of life are given to add color and energy to a room and show the new parents they’re loved.

But what are some of the best flowers to gift a new baby girl?

Some of the best flowers to welcome a baby girl

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Representing deep love, what better gift for new parents than an arrangement of tulips? Tulips come in a variety of bold colors, including pink, red, and other similar impactful shades.


Of course, roses are synonymous with love. Red and pink roses also represent passion and adoration, which new parents will experience as they fall in love with their new baby girl.


With big, colorful blooms, hydrangeas are the perfect flower to gift to new parents. Hydrangeas come in an assortment of colors, with each meaning something different. White represents innocence, pink represents love, and green represents new beginnings.

What are the best pink flowers for a baby girl?

Pink Roses
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Roses, tulips, and hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that symbolize love and are available in muted or vivid shades of pink. There are also many other pink flowers available to welcome a baby girl home, including:


Lilies represent many different feelings and emotions, however, pink lilies are associated with femininity and love. They’re big, delicate blooms that radiate beauty.


In Ancient Greece, expectant mothers were gifted pink orchids as they thought they helped them produce a girl. Nowadays, a pink orchid is a fantastic choice due to its delicate beauty and low maintenance.


Carnations are beautiful, bold flowers that bring character and charm to any room. Available in various shades of pink, they’re a wonderful, low-pollen gift for new parents.

Do you have to get pink flowers for a baby girl?

In the past, flowers for a new baby girl have traditionally been pink, however, this is by no means the only option you should consider. While many still decide to gift pink flowers, it’s now common for less gender-specific colored flowers to be given.

What about flowers for mom?

New mom and baby
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Moms have it tough, both before, during, and after birth. That’s why it’s important not to forget about her. Sending Mom flowers shows you that you care and appreciate everything she’s done. And you don’t have to wait for her first Mother’s Day, unexpected bouquets of beautiful flowers can brighten the room and her mood - especially during those dark and exhausting nighttime feeds.

Why not consider sending the new mom daisies? Daisies are small and delicate flowers that are simple yet cheery. Daisies are lovely spring flowers and represent purity and new beginnings, which makes them perfect for a new mom.

Ready to buy flowers to welcome a new baby girl into the world?

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