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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Homecoming weekend is a time set aside to celebrate old friends and new memories. The tradition began at the University of Missouri in 1910, and generally includes a football game as the main attraction. Concerts, parades, speeches, rallies, tailgating parties, and a formal homecoming dance are additional activities which many colleges and high schools plan for the return of their alumni. If you are looking for formal flowers for this nostalgic occasion, French Florist has what you need. Where Did the Corsage Originate? homecoming dance

During the 1800's in France, women would wear flowers on the bodice of their dress while walking in public. The flowers served both practical and aesthetic purposes. They were effective in warding off unpleasant smells, and the more elaborate the bouquets des corsage, the higher the wearer's social status. Eventually, as the price of the most exotic flowers rose, corsages were reserved for special occasions, and were generally purchased by her suitor as a gift.

The tradition of wearing corsages on a special, formal evening has come down through the years, as has the custom of matching boutonnieres. When going out for the evening, the lady would pluck a flower from her personal bouquet and pin it on her date's lapel. This is why today a corsage and a boutonniere are generally the same flower.

Flowers for Homecoming: There are several occasions during homecoming weekend which may require flowers. Football players often give corsages to their Mom for the big game; alumni may choose to wear flowers in school colors to the weekend festivities; the Homecoming Court will require corsages or bouquets for their ceremony, and of course those attending the homecoming dance will need beautiful florals as well.

No matter your style or which special occasion you are attending, French Florist has the corsages and boutonnieres youll be looking for to complete your look. In Los Angeles, we are your premiere choice.


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