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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

footer-590pxWithout your employees, your business wouldn't be what it is today. No matter what their role, your staff plays an integral part in your success going forward. Have you expressed gratitude and appreciation for your employees lately? Well, the first week of March is the perfect opportunity'

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day, and it's the ideal time to do something special for those who work so hard to help make your business successful. Why not say it with flowers? Here are some wonderful flower ideas to help celebrate Employee Appreciation Day:

Blissfully Vibrant

Blissfully Vibrant

Bold Color Combinations

Flowers come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, you're sure to find the perfect bouquet for each unique personality in your workplace. Get their attention with bright colors and combinations. Orange and purple roses, bright yellow sunflowers and pink Gerbera daisies are sure to brighten the mood in your office. Consider tropical color combinations as well with bright orange birds of paradise, Asiatic lilies and anthurium.

Spring Blooms

Few flowers are as uplifting and inspiring as spring blooms. From tulips and daffodils to lilies and irises, spring flowers signify hope, positive energy and a bright future. Daisies, asters and roses can make great accent flowers in a spring bouquet as well. You can lift their spirits and boost morale in the workplace by sending them a spring bouquet or arrangement this Employee Appreciation Day.

Elegant, Exotic Orchids

Zensational Orchid

Zensational Orchid

The orchid seems to be everyone's favorite flower these days, and it's easy to see why. With an exotic shape that's both bold and delicate, orchid catches the eye and exudes style and class. Phalaenopsis orchids have a tall, sinewy stalk topped with purple, pink or white flowers, and the Cymbidium orchid is bursting with petals from top to bottom.

Oncidium and dendrobium orchids are somewhere in between with that stunning orchid shape, so there's no shortage of orchid varieties to choose from. Send them orchids for Employee Appreciation Day this year, and they'll know they're truly valued.

Whether you're a supervisor, a manager or the business owner, you rely on employees to make your role easier. Make sure your employees know that they are appreciated this year for Employee Appreciation Day. Say it with flowers, and you're sure to make a lasting impression. Contact The French Florist for more details or to place your flower gift order today.



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