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Back to School


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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

back to schoolAs summer starts winding down, the focus is now on Back to School. Step into any store or listen to any television ad and this is all you will see or hear. While much of what you will purchase this time of the year are needs, such as pencils, books and new school clothes, have you considered treating a student or teacher in your life to something special just to put a smile on his or her face? If you need an idea, consider one of these awesome gifts.

Flower Cluster Understated, yet elegant, the Flower Cluster is available in a number of sizes. This attractive floral design is presented in a cube vase. This makes a great addition to the desk for a teacher OR a student and can be a welcoming addition to a dorm room too.

back to school

Flower Cluster

A Burst of Sunshine Keep the spirit of summer alive and well for just a little longer with A Burst of Sunshine. This sunny, bright flower arrangement includes orange and yellow lilies and is accented with cattails, willows, and berries or coffee beans. You will love the sunny lookeven as you are hitting the books.

back to school

Burst of Sunshine

Junk Food Basket Maybe an apple for the teacher isn't the best way to go. This junk food basket is a sure way to win brownie points! Full of sweet treats, any teacher, or student will love all the delicious treats arranged in an attractive design. Just because it is not flowers does not mean it is not beautiful.

While these ideas are a great place to start, they are only the beginning. French Florist, in Los Angeles offers dozens of floral and non-floral options that are perfect for students and teachers alike. Check out the website or stop by our store to find the perfect gift for back to school or any other special occasion.



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