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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

When you think about decorating for fall, try to incorporate more than just bold autumn hues in your decor. Add texture and natural elements as accents for maximum design, depth and substance. The design experts at French Florist have put together some great ideas about how to create a rustic autumn look this season:

  • Contrast deep bold harvest hues with bright pastels or even creamy off-whites for an arresting design that pops.
  • Draw attention away from eye level. The tops of bookshelves, the bottom steps of a staircase, and low windowsills all provide visually unique areas to arrange fall decor.
  • Add harvest texture to your space by including bits of nature in your autumn design. Fall leaves, pine cones, branches and acorns make great accents to beautiful autumn colors while bringing some of the season indoors.

A stunning variety of fall color and texture is found in our Sensational Sunset Flowers.  All the colors of a fall sunset are present in these sunflowers, roses and lilies while berries and lush greenery add plenty of harvest texture to this piece.Sensational Sunset Flowers

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere this fall with flowers, garnishes and accents that evoke the essence of autumn. The professionals at French Florist will be glad to share even more tips and advice with you about how to create your own harvest-rich look this fall.


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