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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

In Los Angeles, we do everything with more style. That's why at French Florist we take floral design very seriously. Sending someone beautiful flowers involves so much more than simply putting gorgeous blooms in a vase it incorporates artistic arrangement and unique accents and details that make the bouquet extraordinary. We are committed to providing the most exquisite designs in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

wild accents

Lotus pods, oak leaves, and cattails provide texture and interest to these brilliant fall flowers lisianthis, miniature calla lilies, gerbera daisies. The vivid colors against the earthy elements is a surprising contrast that elevates this arrangement in design.

This desert-inspired arrangement presents an unexpected combination of exotic elegance and organic succulents. Yellow roses and orchids are traditionally in sophisticated settings, but when paired with these hardy desert plants and placed in a wooden box they create a completely different aesthetic reminiscent of raw nature. We love the look that this design exudes, which proves that any flower can truly shine with wild accents.
wild accentsAnother beautiful representation of natural accents making all the difference in floral design is this work of artistic vision that combines unique orchid varieties, thistles, and branches in a stunning display. This arrangement will add luxury to any setting, and is sure to start conversations and turn heads. wild accents

When you need a bouquet that is a level up, a step ahead and truly extraordinary, come into French Florist. Our talented floral designers will utilize their creativity to imagine combinations of the most amazing flowers and unique wild accents, and deliver them throughout the Los Angeles area. L.A. is no ordinary town, and these are no ordinary flowers. Call us today!

















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