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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

homecoming flowers

Homecoming can be one of the most memorable weekends during a student's time at their school. From the big game to spirit week, from parades to the formal dance there are so many ways to create amazing memories. This year, come to French Florist for all your formal and homecoming flowers needs. Our talented floral designers have created not only the traditional corsages that you might expect but some of the most unique and beautiful floral accessories youve ever seen. Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are at the forefront of fashion our flowers should be as well!

homecoming flowers

Say goodbye to boring wristlets that weve all seen before, and say hello to fresh designs that look like a gorgeous mixed bouquet on your wrist. From daisies and carnations to roses and alstroemeria, these seasonal wristlets may change depending on the time of year, but will always be designed with the best we have to offer. Perfect to match to any dress of any color, and to stand out from the crowd.

While we are thinking of floral accessories that will separate you from everyone else, wed like to make some additional recommendations. For instance, our Ruby Romance Bracelet combines dazzling red spray roses and delicate pink flowers designed as a floral bangle bracelet Then again, maybe you like to make a more exotic  statement. Choose a single cymbidium orchid accented with pink chiffon, and youll be the most fashionable girl at the dance. homecoming flowers

Homecoming flowers don't have to be traditional, as a matter of fact we design them not to be! Be the belle of the ball with these dramatically beautiful designs, which are the perfect accompaniment to your look. This dainty floral bracelet perfectly adorns your wrist without being overpowering and the gorgeous matching shoe decor will turn heads.

homecoming flowers

From the homecoming court to the last dance, you want to look beautiful for this important and fun weekend. And at French Florist, our designs will ensure that you can't miss! Stop by to see us today!


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